Bursting the bubble - In the name of Thiago - Day 164


A little after I returned from another debilitating (ok it really wasn’t that bad), tennis defeat to Kudzy last night, Angelica and I learned that unfortunately Elisa’s classroom at school has had to close.


The matter has been handled very sensibly indeed and only affects children in Elisa’s ‘bubble’, which accounts for roughly half of the children in her year that had returned to school on June 2. Elisa is fairly disappointed, as you would expect, but made up for it by only leaving her room at the simply phenomenally late time of 2.43pm. This meant she actually came downstairs later than the time that she has been getting in from school, which frankly is an outstanding effort. I am in awe.



I have been taking the opposite approach to getting up and about in the last 2-3 weeks and can confirm that thanks to my increased amount of walking, more tennis matches and taking regular yoga sessions, my weight has gone from 100.9kg after the bank holiday at the end of May to….wait for it… yes 100.9kg. I think I might lie in bed until the middle of the afternoon tomorrow instead.


Just as I was getting myself into some sort of routine, this building project is threatening to derail me. It’s come round slightly earlier than I anticipated – about a month or so – but the complexity of what we need to do, and the challenge of Angélica and I working full time while a group of strangers are wandering around in our garden, does bring its own challenges.



Angélica took the opportunity to get away late morning to go and see my Dad. Out of the frying pan and all that. The old man has had this woodburner installed at his house today. He wasn’t overly swimming in a sea of enthusiasm even after the job was completed, but this is my old man we’re talking about. Enthusiasm – unless it’s for the latest really shit idea he’s had – is by default, in fairly short supply.  


My own enthusiasm is also wobbling a little. I can remember only too well how I was riding the crest of a wave about three weeks ago, and it is frustrating to know that I’m not really near that now. But such is life and neither am I about to completely lose my shit either. All things are relative.



I do feel for the builders, although that does come with the caveat that I haven’t paid a penny yet! Look at this sight. All this bloody rain is just about the worst sort of weather they can get. He’s a very calm, dependable sort of fellow is Mark – he’s the chap in charge of the project but the look on his face, as he admitted that trench foot is an occupational hazard in his line of work, was one I daresay that’s been fairly well worn by many folks working in the north in an outdoor profession. Ah well, maybe it will be dry overnight.


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