Seizing up and trampolines - In the name of Thiago - Day 157

First things first, I am delighted to report to regular readers that far more than nearly fuck all happened today, so as some daft twat in marketing once said, today will be ‘content rich’.

The seizing up in the blog title, I am happy to inform you, is not my knee. Admittedly, it’s not in the best of shape, but after an early evening impromptu outdoor yoga session, both my mental and physical state today are in fairly reasonable shape. Nope, it’s the old man again I’m afraid. He popped around today for a bit of company after I’d asked him yesterday if he had anything to do, and he was very stiff in his movements.

The reclining chair that he insisted on having at his bungalow, while great for relaxing, is evidently something he could do with spending less time on. To be fair to Dad, he acknowledged as much this morning after Angelica had got him doing a couple of stretches, which caused him more pain than they really should.

Now this is the sign of a morning’s procrastination, just look at that little lot. Okay they weren’t all mine, but I was a significant part of the problem! I’m glad to say that the afternoon was a lot more productive than the morning and so when I called it a day for work at 5.15 I truly felt like I’d got somewhere.

I’m working on a pretty big project at the moment, that takes up nearly all of my time – it’s a Virtual Pride event. It’s quite a lot of fun but it can be quite exhausting too at times. I say that without any hint of irony.

The aforementioned work out was a nice touch for me after a pretty sedentary day and even more so now that the garden is looking absolutely immaculate after Angélica, (please note I have finally got round to putting the accent in my good lady’s name), had been busy having a bit of a sort out in advance of the builder coming round on Friday to start tearing the fucking place up again!

Part of Angélica’s sort out saw the trampoline make its way from our house to next door. Fair dos to Graham as he’s already got it up and his five kids have been having a whale of a time this afternoon.

There’s something extremely satisfying about giving something away. Angélica and I rarely sell things we don’t need – don’t got me wrong we’re not bloody saints, but seeing the pleasure people get from donations is a great feeling. Graham is a chef and has been furloughed from work so he’s getting to spend a lot of time with his kids, that trampoline could save his sanity and his summer I reckon!

And on the subject of giving stuff away, I was also happy to take a wander up to Juliette, Elisa’s old childminder and fan of the blog. Now I’m not sure what she’s planning on doing with these but she’s a very creative lady. Maybe she’ll play a game of which crate is the child under!

No of course not, how very silly of me just in case anyone from Ofsted is reading this. Well that’s your lot for tonight folks. I’m off to call my good friend Jim, who says he’s still having to isolate at home. I’d better crack on as I’m already late to call him. But just hang on a sec.. you didn’t honestly think I’d forgotten did you? Here’s the link to donate. Thank you.


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