Easy come easy go – In the name of Thiago


I’ve changed a lot of things about myself in the time since that awful day in November when my little man was taken from me. In the last seven months there’s been an awful lot of reflection, much intense questioning of what really matters – or as it is for Angélica and I, what you have left that matters. Elisa and each other pretty much sums that up.


We’ve spoken about religion today. Angélica used to pray for Thiago every night, I just used to close my eyes and say a few words, I wouldn’t call it praying, it was more hoping. Well a fat load of fucking good it did anyway. But I don’t blame religion for that. It does annoy me though if I hear some holier than thou arsewipes say it was because of the strength of our faith that our son/daughter pulled through. ‘Fraid not old bean, you got lucky, I didn’t. It’s no more complicated than that.



Right let’s pick this up again, though I have to say it was this lovely ‘ol bastard Dave Robinson, who started me off thinking about the little man today. Dave and his wife Trish –

who is also a very long-standing friend of mine – were due to be walking with me from Fenny Stratford to Stoke Bruerne today as part of my 300 mile walk from Eastbourne to Stoke-on-Trent.


The big man, though he’s not such a big man these days, has just completed his fastest ever 5k run, which is an astonishing achievement. Dave is frankly inspirational. He’s roughly a generation older than me and he’s as fit as he’s ever been. I salute you Dave.


Part of me has a lot of pride knowing that you had the little man with you the whole way Dave. To think that he may have just given you even the teeniest spur of inspiration brings me a little bit of comfort. From one dad to another on the day before Father’s Day, thank you my wonderful friend. There’s a big virtual hug coming right atcher fella.



I used to think that I had to save, save and save, putting money away for whatever reason. I’m not sure I care about that any more. So, thanks to Angélica’s incredible vision and determination after everything we’ve been through – and there aren’t too many reading this that know the whole picture – we are doing something that hopefully is going to make us both feel a bit better.


Yes I know having an extension and putting in a new kitchen is only an aesthetic thing. But in some way, it’s like another journey to go on, which helps us. That probably sounds really weird but I live in this constant state of flux of wanting to be thinking about Thiago and not doing so as it hurts so much and makes me cry.



Wow look at that. I may be an absolute pillock, (now don’t all agree too readily) but even I don’t park like this twat. I think it must be the prerogative of the 4x4 driver.



Ah yes, here’s the proof that I am indeed a pillock. Angélica tried so hard to get me to behave for an hour or so at the kitchen place and I did pretty well. I guess it’s no accident that my good friends still call me Monkey though.


We emerged unscathed from the kitchen place and then finished the day by having a massive clear out in the garden. We both felt a lot better at the start of the day than we did at the start of it, so that’s a good thing to report. Well, it’s not far off ten now, so I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and please remember to donate to Thiago’s legacy if you can by helping me reach my £10,000 target for the NHS.


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