Hi little man – In the name of Thiago – Day 178


The day started with a trip to the cemetery – my first one for a while as it happens – to see the very hero that brought me to where I am today. Yes Thiago, your lifetime may have been tragically short but my fucking word, have you had an impact little man. Look at everything you’ve got your chubby dad doing now. Blogging, walking miles and miles, much more tennis and yoga for fuck’s sake. More on the yoga later..


It’s impossible not to be overcome with emotion at this place. Angélica and I tidied up his little grave and watered the flowers. We’ll probably replace those later in the week. I want my little boy’s resting place to be nice and smart. Angélica’s friend Claire, bless her, is forever popping up here to keep an eye on him to make sure he’s been behaving himself.

 Well he must have been a very good boy must my little T baby because Claire’s popped him a new little teddy down and some other accoutrements. Thank you Claire. You’re such a very good friend first and foremost to my wonderful wife, but by association to me as well. Good on yer girl.


From the cemetery, we went back to looking at kitchens, which if I enjoyed it, I would now call a hobby. The designer fella who I started off thinking was alright had started to annoy me by the end of the consultation. And my God are Wren pushy. After Wednesday of next week the quotation we’ve had today, which after our house looks like being the second most expensive thing we’ve ever bought, will become invalid.



The design looks bang on the money to give credit where it is due. However, it is also way over the budget that we specifically gave at the initial meeting. Suffice to say, we are seriously shopping around. And however good Wren thinks its kitchens are, it doesn’t sit comfortably with me to hear someone belittling the competition. My mind remains open after seeing the green people today.


After yet another garden clearance, which has filled the garden bin yet again on the day that it was collected, I rang the council to request a replacement as it’s spilling out the sides. I only rang them because when I tried to request one online, they wouldn’t accept that I was signed up to the service.



Look closer at the label – this bit only works if you know where I live. By some freak of Royal Mail incompetence – actually that’s probably an oxymoron if ever there was one – I was sent the label for another person’s address, which just happens to be a little bit similar to mine. So, effectively I grassed myself up and had to pay the £36 garden collection service fee. And after all that, they will decide if the bin needs replacing. I might take to the fucker with some cutters just to be sure they make the right decision.


And so to yoga. I almost managed a full hour today. It’s a very different dynamic purely doing this online. The instructor will comment on stretches and ask us to really question how we are feeling at many points, which for me today ranged from ‘it fucking hurts’ right through to ‘it really fucking hurts’. The room I use has pictures of Thiago everywhere. Last week that left me in floods of tears, this week he became my inspiration. Thiago Frederick Leite Gibbs, you will always be my inspiration, don’t you worry about that.  



While I make my daily fundraising request, I shall also treat you to a picture of my good self, playing a forward defensive with a stick of rhubarb. Lovely front elbow there. A certain Yorkshireman would no doubt break into a smirk. I love rhubarb, me.


n.b.  It’s been brought to my attention that some people may have been adding comments to the blog that I’ve not seen. I have no idea why some comments (admittedly not many) are showing while others not. I can assure you all that there is no screening first! I use Blogger to publish each day. It is a free site so I don’t know what, if any, tech support there might be for me but I will try to look into it. In the meantime please do post comments on the Facebook updates, which share blogs, as I definitely am getting those. All forms of abuse are welcome!


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