Let it rain – In the name of Thiago – Day 166


I’m no sun worshipper but I’ll be the first to admit that the constant opening of the heavens is starting to get on my wick. The building work to the extension at the back of our house has been ongoing for a week and there’s not been a single day where the blokes working here haven’t had a good hosing at some point.


Today though has been exceptional. It’s been dry now for about 90 minutes but aside from that it has smashed it down all day. The man in charge of the project turned up slightly later than usual at 8am followed by a younger chap, who I think is his son. They didn’t look hopeful.


Having told me yesterday that he’ll work through anything because he is employing people to do a job, with just the two of them being on site today, he clearly thought better of it. I don’t blame him to be honest. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this blog, but if you are Mark, I’m afraid it’s going to piss down tomorrow ‘an all. It never rains but..



And there‘s the scene just as I described – grey, drizzly, grisly, constant rain. Remarkably though, amid all this gloominess there was an unexpected metaphorical ray of sunshine. From Dad. Yes you did read that correctly. The old bastard is absolutely full of the joys of spring at the moment. Today he was asking me about blacksmiths and I found one for him in Fenton.


It sounds like he’s going to employ this chap called Genesis – I wonder whether his folks were big fans of the old testament or Phil Collins – to forge a fitting for his new wood burner. When I spoke to him, (Dad that is not Genesis) at lunch-time he’d already been to see the bloke and given him his requirements and was feeling pretty happy with life.



At about the same time as Dad was making headway with his place, I was getting a delivery of insulation. Well actually the delivery was for Mark. I was chairing a video call for work at the time. I heard the door go, rushed to the front but had the wrong key, rushed back grabbed the right key – the bloke asked for Mark. I explained he was round the back and tried to get back to the meeting. Then the same bloke knocked on the side to say that he couldn’t find him, which I thought was odd seeing as he hadn’t said he was clearing off.


I did think it slightly ironic that the interruptions had to come at that precise moment, but this is the norm these days I guess. Working is different now. I go in fits and starts of liking then hating it if I’m honest. It is rarely dull though is the one constant, though that is a constant of my life in general I think. Insanity is always close at hand!



I finished at 5 today, would have grabbed a beer if I’d had one but luckily I didn’t (I need to control more what goes into my body now – the exercise part is looking a lot brighter), and sat down to catch the end of the Downing Street briefing. It was the little ginger fella’s go today. He strikes me as being a bit lame but not nearly as offensive as Hancock or Patel. I find Raab oddly acceptable, though he’s gone and made a right dick of himself today I see, for his likening the taking a knee response to something in Game of Thrones. Rishi Sunak scores quite well as an inoffensive Tory.


But this last bit’s supposed to be about yoga. It was a heavy yin-based session today, which means lots of lying about doing very little. My yoga instructor Sam was telling the class that it’s all about what you perceive it to be, well that’s how I found it. I needed something a bit more tonight but that’s ok. It can’t be right for everyone all of the time.


It’s getting late so I’m going to wind this up for the night but not before I’ve done my duty and pointed you towards the place to donate. Keep your chins up folks, I know I need to.


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