Sod all - In the name of Thiago - Day 156

I suppose in many ways, what is remarkable about today’s blog title is that I haven’t actually had to write it before. On reflection, I think that’s helped me just to survive this last few months. People used to sometimes say to me that they wondered how I managed to get out of bed and go to work after the unimaginable sadness of losing my son. Perhaps one of the reasons for that was that I’ve managed to keep relatively busy. This blog and the fundraising certainly go a long way to maintaining that.

I’ve sat perfectly still for a good five minutes between the construction of this humble sentence and the one that preceded it. What have I done? Think, think!  I phoned my Dad today and was pretty much reeling in shock when he said that he’d already called the city council and his energy suppliers. I remember very clearly my sister Holly saying how the old man rarely managed to do more than one thing in a day. Maybe things are a-changing.

I’m still sticking with being compliant when it comes to the dropping off and collecting of Elisa from school. As Elisa said to me today, “Dad, there really is no good side to this, I know you don’t want to have to do it but that’s nothing compared to the embarrassment that I have of being with you.”

I’ll be honest, it did occur to me that she might not have just been referring to the school run but I thought I might be best off cutting my losses. So we went through all the rigmarole of silently going to the school, my every attempted question being met by a cold-hearted stare that said, ‘we’ve been through this before’.

It was bangers and mash for dinner tonight. This sentence will please my southern friends, some of whom have noted an occasional tendency for me to err into the territory of my tea, or worse still ‘me tea’. I like to speak northern from time to time, though it never comes close to the pleasure I get from slipping into the occasional bit of cockney vernacular. This will always be my preferred dialect.

My muscle injury is still niggling away at me, I was feeling pretty good yesterday, but it’s not gone away. Just walking to school to get Elisa, I could feel it straining. It’s so bloody frustrating.

Well that’s it tonight on possibly this most unremarkable day – for me at least – of the year so far. Angelica shall be home from work shortly, I intend to be at the ready to greet her. I shall leave you with a picture of my new recycling bins to complement the other unremarkable images I’m sharing today, along with my usual plea for a donation to my fundraiser. Let’s hope I’ve got something more substantial to share with you tomorrow!


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