Sunny weather if not disposition – In the name of Thiago – Day 167


For obvious reasons I don’t discuss work in too much detail but suffice to say my positivity dropped off quite significantly as a result of a day I’d rather forget.


It’s got me thinking actually that when you consider that it equates to 8 hours of every working day, the fact that I am able to find something vaguely interesting to write about every day is something I am quite proud of.


Let me focus on the positive things that did happen. After I knocked off shortly after half four, I had a tennis match with my good friend Leo. He’s beaten me the last couple of times, but I had the better of it tonight, serving really well and keeping mistakes down to a minimum. A win for the Gibbs 6-2, 6-3, though Leo did win the tie-break we played at the end.



I’m starting to get used to the idea that it’s going to get a bit hectic round here over the coming months. A bloke turned up at 7.20 this morning with a skip and then realised there was nowhere to put it as the driveway was already full with a load of other building materials.


I was quite glad when Mark the builder turned up a couple of minutes afterwards as it saved me shifting all the stuff while the rain was still hosing down. It’s not been a great week to be in the building trade I think it’s fair to say.



I stopped off at the old man’s gaff on the way back from playing tennis with Leo, as he said he had a few bags of rubbish left over from when he had his wood burner fitted the other day. Christ alive he wasn’t wrong. This is barely even half of it. I think I’ll be heading back over in the morning to do another rubbish run. Oh the joys.


I’ve still got all this left to try to get rid of tomorrow. I reckon Mark might have to add another skip to my bill! I’ve just watched a bit of Roy Keane looking like he was going to explode with his half-time analysis in the Spurs/Man Utd game. That has cheered me up no end. It really doesn’t take a lot to make that man angry. Well he does have a history I suppose.


Anyway, that’s not of much interest to people who don’t follow football so I’m going to wrap this up for tonight. Don’t forget to donate if you can and have a lovely weekend one and all.


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