The builders arrive – In the name of Thiago – Day 160


It has been an intriguing day and it’s been a long working week – well Monday to Thursday was anyway – so I arranged, as a well-deserved treat to myself, to get a game of tennis in this morning with my ol’ mucker Kudzy. I completely forgot to take any pictures of the windswept courts at Westlands, which is why all you have pictorially to represent this, is an image of me holding my bat looking ominous below. Game face.


Kudzy is an unorthodox and extremely erratic kind of player. He has all the characteristics in fact in tennis that I like in life. We had a closely fought game, which he emerged victorious from by 7-5, 6-4. I’m still trying to get over the lob that landed plum on the baseline that helped him save break point at 3-4 in the first set. Well played sir.



So to the building work. I cannot honestly remember whether I’ve ever mentioned before that Angélica and I decided to have an extension built at the back of the house some time ago. We first discussed the project probably before Thiago was even born and then when things started to turn to shit with the little man’s health, we postponed any work.


Well now seems as good a time as any to crack on, as life is already fairly disrupted anyway. Hell, why not throw things into even more chaos. Bring it on! We had a bit of a setback today though. We hadn’t realised that you still needed to call in a building inspector even though the extension didn’t require planning permission.


So a few frantic calls were made and then £600 later we’d arranged for someone from the council to come round to inspect on Monday. I’m curious to know if £600 gets you anything other than, ‘yeah that looks fine, crack on’ though to be perfectly honest I’m still reeling from the shock of a council working that fast. Amazing what immediate cash payments can achieve…



I mentioned in a blog earlier in the week that I’m working on a big Virtual Pride event. Well today I did my first pre-recorded interview for it. I said to the project manager that I’d try to dress a bit colourfully, but believe it or not I’m a bit lacking in that department at the moment, unless you include socks.


I had the whole wristbands thing going down nicely today, but the truth is that apart from a period of wearing beaded necklaces in the mid 90s when Blur were at their peak, I’m not much of an accessories man. I believe the project manager may be looking into a suitable electronic backdrop to slip into the next interviews I do..




Tomorrow is going to be a walking day. I skipped last weekend after my right knee and leg were giving me some grief, (Lord knows a bereaved parent has enough of that), but it’s time to push on and get some miles in the legs.


I just need to make sure that I prepare properly, that means getting bandaging in the right places and plying places you don’t need to hear about with anti-chafing cream. It’s going to be good, I’m feeling positive. And even better, I've got my mate Steve for company tomorrow. Should be good.


And to end on another positive note, this is where you can make me really happy and donate!

Ok folks we’re done here, let’s crack on with the weekend!


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