Time waits for no man – In the name of Thiago – Day 172


The title of today’s blog refers to the speed with which the building work has been speeding along today. Mark arrived just before 7am and was joined by Dave and then his old man came along to do some bricklaying. Mark’s old man is 82-years-old but there’s not an ounce of fat on him. They worked right through until almost half four today – very much a case of making hay while the sun shines.


It’s been a strange sort of day. When Angélica is working long days my own day becomes a lot more disjointed, as the regulations at her school mean that although Elisa is perfectly able to take herself off and bring herself back from school, an adult needs to be present at both ends of the day.



I just found this image extremely comforting for reasons I can’t very easily explain. The boys at work doing a great job leaving their brews lined up on the brick wall. I found that I was enjoying Mark’s company today, on the occasions I was doing the brew run and keeping them hydrated.


He is a very quiet chap and has a very dry sense of humour. They worked so hard today and I did worry about Mark’s Dad with his age. He’s probably not really supposed to be out there at all but like his son, he is extremely diligent and you get a sense of the pride that he takes from a job well done.



And this is where we’re at after today. For someone like me with absolutely no idea of what represents progress , it does seem impressive. Angelica and I have just had a chat over the hedge with Super Steve and Louise next door. Super Steve and his brother-in-law are going to do our plumbing, which is very reassuring to know.


We do feel very fortunate to have such lovely neighbours next door – life is so much easier. There’s simply never any bother. Elisa’s a big fan of them too and their three children. Louise said to us tonight that Elisa announced herself at the front door by saying, “You know how a couple of months ago you said I could come round, well could that time be now?” Elisa is pretty cute still at times, though I suppose I am horrendously biased.



I was up at my local courts this evening for a game with Jared. He’s a bugger this fella. I saw him playing a friend of his last week and he didn’t look up to much if I’m honest, but today was a totally different kettle of fish.


He absolutely obliterated me 6-1, 6-3. This was definitely not what I had in mind as I prepare for my not remotely long-awaited debut in the Draycott Club Championship on Friday against some young scallywag. I asked a friend of mine – a tennis coach – about this youngster I’m playing. And all he said was: “Chris, he’s a junior, so please no swearing”. That’s a tough ask as on court swearing comes extremely naturally to me. I almost consider it to be part of my tennis make up, which is both preposterous and true. Ah well, I better behave myself I s’pose.


Hey ho, it’s time for me to go, but not before my usual reminder that this is the place to donate to the cause. Many thanks and I’ll connect with you all again tomorrow.


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