Worry ye not - In the name of Thiago - Day 171


In your working life, if you’re lucky enough you might encounter a handful of people that you can truly rely on. So the start of tonight’s blog is an ode to Fivestar. I’ve had a lot on lately and when I got asked to cover another project, I was probably not as effusive about taking it on as I probably could have been.


Step up to the plate Fivestar to lend a helping hand. She is so criminally underrated at my place of work. Well actually it’s more a case of being underpaid than it is underrated and because she, how can I put this, doesn’t take herself too seriously, she often doesn’t get the credit she deserves. But most importantly, nor does she give a shit. Thank you Fivestar.



Progress is being made and I’m feeling surprisingly relaxed at the moment. Maybe it’s something to do with the gorgeous weather we’re currently experiencing and the fact that I can sit outside and write this and enjoy it all at the same time. It feels like the best part of the day.


I finished at half four, literally completed my last task, then bang gone. What a lovely feeling. I’ve been doing some more video interviews today – it’s quite an interesting challenge I have at the moment navigating these videos around the general organised chaos that represents my home life at the moment. ‘Could you just ease off on the pneumatic drill while I’m speaking to the deputy chief constable’ is not a sentence I expected to use when I started this home working malarkey.


My early finish enabled me to have a very pleasant late afternoon stroll with this gorgeous lady. We had a chat with my brother Judd about the benefits of using concrete over quartz for our kitchen surfaces and tried to ascertain whether he might be around to fit the thing. Judd is a tricky fellow. You end most conversations wondering whether he has actually committed to something or whether he’s just diverted your attention elsewhere. One thing I do know though, is that he’s helped me so much over the years.


I’ll never forget his outstanding contribution at Thiago’s funeral, including the amazing suit he decided to wear complemented superbly by this extraordinary ‘tache. At the time I said, “Judd, it’s a child’s funeral, so let’s not be having any of that boring shite. No-one is allowed to wear black and a colourful approach will be warmly received.” I guess you could say that he raised the bar.


I’ve had my hair cut this evening. I’ve no idea how long it had been – I recall Angélica attacking it in the early stages of lockdown – but it had turned into a bit of a shit heap. I do find a haircut a very energising experience. Just a shame these days that a perfectly acceptable question to be asked when sat in the chair for me these days is, ‘which one’?


Bloody Nora – who remembers these little sugar-coated horrors? I just find it slightly bizarre that Aldi are suddenly revitalising sales of these when there must be so many other options that would just as effectively lead to children bouncing off the walls. The weirdest thing is that if someone had asked me what flavour Nerds were, I could instantly have told you cherry and watermelon. I cannot recall any other flavour options.


Well that’s it for me. All that remains for me to say today is that if you donate and quote ‘Naked Fridays’ in the comments section, my good friend Stephen Tibbals and his fellow builders are taking part on some extra-curricular activities. Check my Facebook posts if you missed this yesterday. I’m off to let Spurs disappoint me once again..


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