A time for assertiveness - In the name of Thiago - Day 208


I can be quite a contrasting character at times. As I mentioned yesterday, my decision-making skills can leave a lot to be desired. However, today I was a model of decisiveness. Well, by my standards anyway!


The electrician paid a visit just after lunch, lovely bloke he is. He wanted to know where all the sockets were going and lights would be – you know electrical stuff. I was doing pretty darn well making sure all was understood until he caught me on a question.


I had a General Melchett from Blackadder Goes Forth moment today. Melchett (looking at the battlegrounds on a map): “God it’s a barren featureless desert out there Blackadder.” Blackadder: “It’s the other side sir.” I was looking at the plans upside down, which at least explained why we had a light fitting in a very unusual place. When my confidence grows, my stupidity grows with it!



I packed a lot into my working day, which always makes it more satisfying when you do call it time for the day I reckon. While a colleague is on leave, I’ve assumed some of my old duties working with the media. I like doing it and it’s helping the team out, which is another pat on the back for me.


Another reason for me feeling good for getting a lot done is that I’m heading off to Eastbourne with the girls tomorrow at, so I can do so now with a very clear mind. It looks like it’s going to be a warm one too, so after Mr Steve Newlands has smashed the fuck out of me (for the record he’s a sports masseuse not a boxer) and I’ve hopefully found myself a new pair of trails – I think that’s what they’re called, they’re like a middle option between a trainer and a hiking shoe – I plan to have an evening beer with a mate or two. It’s all going to be rather splendid I think.



As for tonight, well it was the usual dash over to Dad’s, pop a load of washing on, then nip over to Draycott for an hour on the tennis court. I don’t think I’m really making any progress in the way I play but it certainly beats sitting around in the dust trap that is my house at the moment. As per ususal, I forgot to take my phone courtside so there is no pictorial evidence of my vaguest attempts to get a little fitter, so once again you shall have to take my word for it.



On my return to the old man’s, this was the magnificence awaiting me, a really very fine stir fry, vegetables lovely and crunchy they were. Could have done with some sort of nuttage I would say if I had to be picky, but considering the options at home are whatever you can be arsed to struggle with over the camping stove in our makeshift front room/kitchen/main living space, it wasn’t something I deemed necessary to raise.


As I mentioned before, we’re off to the sunshine coast of glorious Eastbourne tomorrow – now only the second sunniest place in the UK after Bognor fucking Regis – and it’s a relatively early start. Well 8am at least, which is a good three to four hours before Elisa would even entertain the idea of seeing daylight on a normal non-school day. I may try to encourage her to get some shut-eye methinks.


Keep the donations coming you lovely people. It’s all slowed up a bit since Naked Fridays and the full apocalypse beard were in their heyday. It’s probably time for another gimmick though my brain hurts from thinking what that could be right now. Until tomorrow..


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