And the winner of slimmer of the year goes to… - In the name of Thiago - Day 189


Ha-ha, I had you there didn’t I. Just for a moment, you thought that I’d miraculously dipped below the 100kg mark – in fairness I can’t be all that far from the nirvana of double figures – but alas, as far as I know my unbeaten ton is still very much bossing it.


No the prize goes to the unwieldy sycamore at the bottom of our garden. Well, at least it looked fairly unwieldy to me but then again I don’t have it in me to hoist myself up 50 feet with a chainsaw. Me and heights don’t get on all that famously, me, heights and something that gives me nightmares from seeing Brian de Palma’s Scarface would get on even less well I think it fair to say!



So this is the before sycamore hair cut shot. Big bushy lad weren’t he, reaching up for the skies as he did. Super Steve next door had to tell me that unfortunately bits of him had fallen into his garden causing a bit of concern as he has a young family and the realisty is, this work should probably have been done a while back. But anyway, it’s done now.


Before we trimmed the tree’s barnet today, I treated Super Steve’s  eldest Florence to a little sight of the guys up in the tree. She also managed to find a golf club that she’d miraculously managed to lob right the way across my garden from her side. Now either Florence aged five has a remarkably strong arm or Super Steve has a very vivid imagination! I’ll ask him tomorrow as he’s back round doing some plumbing for the new kitchen. I don’t know anyone that works the hours this fella does – maybe he likes having a break from home!



I stood right at the bottom of the tree at half three this afternoon just after the boys had finished the reduction as it should be known. Now if I’d had that much trimmed off top I’d feel naked! Angélica and I were very keen that the character of the tree remained, but that we were able to let a lot more light into the garden. I feel happy that both of those things have happened.


The photo above was taken at 8.45pm. It was quite magnificent seeing the sunlight shooting out beyond the treetop and on this rare pleasant if not glorious summer’s day for 2020, everything just seemed to feel worthwhile.



So well done to Alex Lewis and the Alfa boys who I would tag on here, but they don’t seem to be on Twitter, while Facebook tagging of companies is a mystery to me. If you are looking for work of this nature to be done, then I’d certainly be happy to recommend these fellas. They also tidied up after themselves to an excellent standard, which I know many people will say, ‘well they bloody well should’ but it wasn’t a cursory thing – it was done properly. And they let me have a snap of them as well for the blog, so they definitely get my vote.  


Once they’d cleared off, I took Elisa round to the old man’s for a bit, where she taught him how to use his TV. Who said youngsters were good for now’t! I then slipped off to Draycott to take on my partner in crime Leo in a gruelling three setter. He beat me 6-2, 3-6, 10-8. The winning point ended up with me howling in frustration after I fucked up a makeable shot having already saved two match points. I fuckin’ hate this game sometimes. Grrrrrrrr!


There he is the happy bastard. We’re fairly evenly matched really, but that is now at least four successive defeats for me now, including a humbling by a 13-year-old. Elisa asked me how it went today, to which I gave my standard response: I came second sweetheart. She sympathetically responded; ‘but there’s only two of you playing, you blithering idiot’.


I should probably invite her to think about such cruel put downs but to be honest, as she does it with such an extraordinary command of language for an 11 year-old, I’d hate to discourage her!


Righto all you lovely people you know what comes next. Dig deep and help to push me closer to my £10,000 target. This money aint’ going to raise itself. Thank you to all of you, now please continue as you were.




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