Back to back – In the name of Thiago – Day 179


Today was the first of three back to back 15 milers and all the photos that you’ll find through today’s post are from the now familiar route of Kidsgrove and back. It’s been a really good day. I set off at 7am this morning, which meant that I was back home just after midday, accompanied by a big bag of chips.


I’m starting to make better decisions with my walking and walking plans. Just after the halfway point today as I got to the Harecastle Tunnel at the canal, I bumped into a lady from the Canal and River Trust. I mentioned how grateful I was that the services were open today as I often found them locked when I was passing.


She pointed out that I could get a key to the dunny and shower, so I ordered one online there and then. With two weeks walking alongside the Grand Union Canal in October, I think it will prove to be a very fine purchase.


I am finding the walks more manageable now and if I can get through the next three days and still feel human, then I‘ll start to believe that I’ll be fine getting through the trek in the autumn. I am confident I’ll be fine actually, I don’t need convincing.



The training combined with the way I’m looking after my body is filling me with confidence. A little bit of preparation can go a long way. And of course, through it all, I’ll have the little man guiding me through. I couldn’t possibly have a greater incentive.


I took my time today and I plan to take my time in the autumn. It’s not a race, it’s just about completing the journey. I had a good chat with my mate Jamie about that very thing tonight and I’m relieved that he’s of a very similar mindset as he’ll be with me for the whole of the first week.



I took my time to appreciate the contrasts at the canal today. It’s really fascinating in places. I hope some of them get people thinking about the world around us. I certainly find some of the spots fascinating.


Finishing the walk at midday unfortunately left me with plenty of time to assist with getting all the stuff out of the kitchen cupboards. Half the battle with this task is trying to ask yourself realistically what you really ‘need’ to have in your living space. From next week we’re going to be without a kitchen for about six weeks. If things go well, we might be about ready by about the time Elisa starts at her new school in September. We’ll see I guess.



Well time is moving on and I’m planning on making another early start tomorrow – it really helps me make the most of my day. I might even walk a bit further tomorrow if I decide to walk to Stone and back. It’ll add even more distance and include more canal. I’ll sleep on it. Please if you can, donate to my cause, as I try to create a legacy for Thiago. This is everything to me right now.


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