Excellence and fresh air - In the name of Thiago - Day 191


I’m not about to portray myself as some kind of super employee but there are days when I am pretty fucking brilliant. Today was one of those days. Wasted talent, what am I doing with myself could have done so much more. Yes, all of those are so very true as well, but as I speed through middle age, I do find myself reflecting not so much on what might have been but more on what is happening and what is good. Well ok I do that on a good day. I’m far less likely to do that when it’s all turned to shit!


I’ve written some good content, chaired a meeting, written questions for interviews, published a media release, and accelerated another one towards the finish line and conducted a couple of very good video interviews. It’s been pretty non-stop and I can honestly say that I could do no more.



Here’s a rare photo of my gorgeous daughter. Not taken by me obvs. There is no way on earth that I would be allowed to get so close to her ladyship. I know that I shouldn’t show my frustration of the way it is, but well.. it’s bloody hard not to.


Nope this was from a visit to Shugborough Hall that she went on with my good lady this afternoon. Angélica is very good at keeping Elisa entertained and that is something that Elisa definitely needs. The school holidays are now officially underway and with me working from home all summer, I’m going to feel the brunt of it, if boredom sets in.



After a weekend where she worked both days, I think Angélica was also ready for some time getting fresh air in the lungs. We’re managing pretty well with the whole having our home lives turned upside down with the home building project, but the one thing you don’t necessarily prepare yourself for is the fact that everywhere becomes a dust trap.


I knocked off work shortly after 5 and went for a bit of a stroll myself and felt an awful lot better for it. I love writing and in particular I love writing this blog, but it can sometimes be a drag to get on with it straight away after a day performing a very similar skill. Mental freshness is a wonderful thing, as is a clear mind. I feel as if I’m a lot closer to getting both of those things and that’s a comforting thought.



I wonder what Elisa thinks about. I wonder about that a lot since my little hero Thiago died. In a strange way, the death of her brother has seen a greater concentration of my efforts on her wellbeing. I loved those early years with Elisa and I doted on her so much. I have so many happy memories of her growing up and it does make it all the more painful that I’ll never have those times with Thiago.


Painful because he’s gone and painful because the last thing Elisa wants right now is any attention from me. Ah well, she’ll come back one day. I just hope it’s not only for money!


Well that’s all from me today, time to eat and sort out another couple of bits and bobs before my standard early night on a Monday. Please, if you can, make a donation. It’s very important, not just to me and Thiago’s legacy, but also to the two hospitals that I’m fundraising for by doing my 300 mile walk this autumn. Thank you.


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