Meh - In the name of Thiago - Day 187


I can fairly categorically say that ‘meh’ does indeed sum up today pretty succinctly. I’m in a state of affairs where I’m operating at a level which neither disappoints or excites me. In essence, meh.


This is a great improvement on Tuesday when I could feel my anxiety levels rising. Speaking of anxiety levels, I had a sensible discussion about this very subject with Angélica today. My good lady spoke about when the little man was still alive she would have terrible anxiety knowing about all his complications. Working as she does in the field of paediatrics, she knew only too well what the potential outcomes were once Thiago’s diagnosis was known. None of them looked good.


And all the time Angélica protected me. It wasn’t a case of withholding information because nothing was forthcoming from any of the medics we ever spoke to until it was far too late. That still irks me, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. That has gone.



This is about the most exciting thing I’ve done today. I was meant to be playing tennis with Leo tonight, but due to what appears to have been a family scheduling error, the big man from Brazil had to cancel. So instead I danced down the aisles at Lidl. I remember singing quite a lot while I was there, oddly enough I also remember being given plenty of space to myself when I was in there too. I guess shoppers in Lidl just take their social distancing very seriously.


The one positive thing about not having a kitchen is that it certainly keeps the food bill down. I have a terrible habit of making unnecessary food purchases. I’m much better than I ever was but I still suffer from ‘see food, buy food’, syndrome. I didn’t make it to 100kg by accident.



I certainly hesitated at this point more than I would do usually. For a brief moment I considered whether Germany’s second most popular supermarket would be open to offers for the entire rack. It’s absolutely ages since I’ve had a proper night on the smash, then again one thing lockdown doesn’t lend itself to is social drinking. Rabid alcoholism yes, but social stuff nah.


I feel like there needs to be something else to gravitate towards now. I’m pretty much done with Zoom socials. As Fivestar said at work recently, it’s like watching a game of Celebrity Squares!



Well as long as it’s not watching these useless knobheads, I guess it’s always going to be something more bearable. I know many of you are not football fans, but it is so depressing seeing the soul being ripped out of something that you care about or at least try to still care about. That’s what’s happened to Spurs this season by recruiting the giant turd that is Jose Moaninho as their manager. 

Anwyay, that’s enough of that. Tottenham being utter shite does at least create another money saving option and that is to ditch the sports channels on the TV package. I reckon I just need to spend more time watching Newcastle Town FC and reacquaint myself with Ciderwoman. Now there’s a story for another blog…


In the meantime, let’s keep up the momentum everyone. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of my chum Dr Matt, we have now flown by the three quarter mark of my fundraising target. But I’m not about to rest on my laurels, we need to keep going!


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