New found chic – In the name of Thiago – Day 203


There’s only really one place to start today and that’s Virtual Pride. If you’d told me six months ago when I was feeling the rawness of my grief in the most painful way imaginable that today I’d be fronting a virtual pride event, well I’d give you fairly short shrift.


The unrelenting sadness of losing my beautiful son Thiago is still constantly attacking my senses but I know that one way of helping to cope is to throw myself at things that are well outside my comfort zone. Hence Cheshire East Virtual Pride.



And throw myself at it I absolutely did. I put my name forward to host the show and came up with a sparring partner for the event in the form of a chap called Will Read, who found fame with a rather unusual dance act Showbears eight years ago.


We bounced off each other quite nicely – well we are both fairly big fellas – and managed to guide the ship through some stormy waters for five hours and 40 minutes of at times questionable entertainment. All in all, the event was a success. Yes, more people could have tuned in, but I did get to play the Foo Fighters and wear some outfits that will not, I can absolutely say with certainty, see better days. That’s show business darling.



He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where. In a show of solidarity, Angélica had the programme playing on the upstairs telly – well we did need all the viewers we could get! She’s been out with her ladyship today at a friend’s house while I’ve been playing DJ and she’s had a good time of it, they both have.


And now Elisa’s at her mate Bella’s with another friend Millie in tow for good measure. Which allows for a little downtime for Angélica and I to spend together. I expect she’s already dozed off to be fair. She’ll be out the house at 6.30 for work tomorrow morning as well. Yes, these are the realities of the way we live our lives in the 2020s.



By a quarter to eight when the show was eventually done and I could hang up the headphones for the night, I was very ready for a beer. So, I wandered through the Thistleberry car park en route to Steve and Sarah’s gaff to find my good lady and it’s fair to say that I received some attention on the way through. As you may have noticed, I don’t tend to worry too much about what others say or think. This skin I’m in is plenty good enough for me.


It was funny seeing her ladyship tonight though. When I reached up to put the shades back on, she was how can I put this: oh yes that’ll be it, not best pleased. Gawd bless her though, my way of living must be a constant source of embarrassment to her. Well, all I can say is that at least she’ll always know where she is with me!


Ok folks, it’s been a very long day, I can very happily say that I’ve earnt my corn today. In the good old days I’d be smashing it up somewhere with my old mate Bulldog causing all manner of chaos on the way. These days I’m happy to be a lot more sedate. Besides, Covid makes it tricky and Bulldog lives 200 plus miles away. I’ll see you next weekend pal. Please keep the donations coming folks – that’s the big push now, reaching that £10,000 target. With your help I know that I can get there.


  1. I hope Anjelica knows how much we all appreciate the commitment that you put into the event Chris. Thank her from me for lending her husband to us for a shortish time xxx

    1. Ooh I think you'll find Angélica's more than happy to have me occupied usefully as often as possible!


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