Nothing, simply nothing – In the name of Thiago – Day 190


It’s probably down to the fact that I have something of an overactive mind, but I struggle to do just nothing. You know when you ask someone what they did for a weekend and they just give off this relaxed smile of total contentedness and say ‘absolutely nothing’. Well that’s probably never going to be me.


However, that was near enough an accurate reflection of what I did today. Ok so I did some admin and emailed my corporate sponsor about T-shirts and made some other calls all aimed at drumming up a bit more in the way of sponsorship, as well as catching up with friends at the same time. But I just didn’t quite get going.


As Elisa had a very late night it was a case of seeing when she would eventually appear – shortly after two as it turned out – before figuring anything else out. But I cannot in any way blame an 11-year-old for my slovenliness, that’s all my doing.



This is Bella with Elisa one of crazy daughter’s best mates. Angélica and I are very fortunate that we get on with Bella’s parents really well and they live around the corner from us. The girls will also be heading off to the same high school in September so you never know maybe they’ll stay friends for a long time yet. I hope so. Bella is very well mannered and quite calm – a handy counterbalance to Elisa’s more eccentric behaviour!


Speaking of calm, that’s how I feel on this gorgeous sunlit evening as I write this, my 190th successive daily blog. Just saying that reminds me that even on a day when nothing much has happened, I can still be proud of something I have achieved.



And this is fast becoming my safe space and my creative space for doing that. If I do ever make a career out of being a writer then I shall have this summerhouse to thank for it, as it’s here that I’ve really relished the simple joy of writing. The garden is a really peaceful place and after yesterday’s sycamore trimming there’s even more light coming into it, which adds to the enjoyment of a glorious summer’s day.


I am glad that we opted to trim the tree rather than chop it as it really does add so much character to where I live. I wouldn’t want to be looking at nothingness as I gazed out of the window on my landing – that tree makes me feel something that’s not so easy to express.



After the haircut yesterday it encouraged me to look at the markings on the tree that bit more and now I feel more strongly than ever that keeping it was the right decision. Aside from the fact that it was going to cost about £2,000 to take it down, it wouldn’t have seemed right to me, interfering with living history like that. Super Steve next door is happy. Like me, he’s getting far more light in his garden and his children are out playing again.


I get mixed emotions about hearing children playing. At first I smile, as it is lovely to hear children having fun but then it brings a tear to my eye knowing I’ll never experience again what their parents are enjoying now. Steve and Louise have three children, while Graham and Leanne on the other side have five, including two sets of twins aged from 3-5. A grieving parent will always be ultra-sensitive about these things.


Well the boss should be home soon, so I’d better look at the state of the house through the imagined lens of Angélica’s eyes and see whether it passes muster. I think it’s ok. While I’m doing that, perhaps you might like to make a donation to the cause? It would bring a very satisfactory week to a fitting conclusion.


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