Showing some Pride - In the name of Thiago - Day 202


As some of you may already be aware, I have an afternoon engagement tomorrow. Okay, so my arse will still remain mostly perched on the sofa, but for good reason. For tomorrow, I shall be co-presenting the first Cheshire East Virtual Pride event and you know what, I reckon we’ll have a hoot and all being well, so will all the people who tune in, whether live tomorrow, or a later stage at their convenience.


Today has been a day of making last minute amends and pushes, promotions etc of the event. A lot of hard work has gone into making this a success, it’s just a case of delivering the programme now, something that I have years and years of experience of in sports broadcasting – but am exploring completely new territory with the LGBT scene.



There’s so much to like with this big fella: Rahkeem Rashawn Shane Cornwall. He is a proper big lad, weighing in at a colossal 22 stone and one of the reasons I like West Indian cricket in particular. It’s very hard to imagine someone of this build playing for England and to be fair he is the heaviest fella to ever play Test Match cricket internationally. I like him. He took a fantastically casual one-handed catch today too, which brought a smile to my face.


Another thing which brought a big smile to my face was a lovely chat I had with her ladyship yesterday. Elisa has declared that she wants to be a drummer now rather than a cellist, although to be fair the cello was never something that she was ever that serious about. The drums however, she is excited by.


And her favourite drummer? None other than that absolute master of complete fucking lunacy – Keith Moon. The only downside is that I’ve had to explain that she wouldn’t be able to blow up everything on stage until she can afford to replace her instruments!



I’ve grown quite accustomed to living on a building site now – it doesn’t really seem to bother me. The chaps have been off site today but when they return on Monday, they’ll have plenty of cement that’s for sure.


It’s been a good week all told. Elisa’s had a very active week, which admittedly is going to be hard to keep up over the summer, but at the same time Angélica and I have shown collectively what can be done. As I’m working tomorrow and have Monday off as a lieu day, I’ve got another opportunity to spend time with her ladyship then. It’s all looking good.


I’m going to call it a day there folks; big day ahead and all that. And on a more practical note, I need to sort out something to eat. They’ve raised nearly £200,000 for the Ruth Strauss Foundation at Old Trafford today (for non-cricket friends she is the late wife of Andrew Strauss the former England captain pictured above). I’m only after another couple of bags of sand and I’ll have hit my target. So why don’t you help me get to my personal target?






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