Why doesn’t it all just come together?


I followed up a good day yesterday, by being up bright and early today and doing a few stretches before heading downstairs. Then I became aware that the slight bladder pain I’d been experiencing the last couple of days, had got a little bit worse and that on reflection I’d not been drinking enough water. So, without putting too fine a point on it, while there’s been a fair bit of sitting down today, which is quite normal for my working day, there’s also been a fair bit of up and down. This is one day where I’ve not been cursing coronavirus for making me work from home!


The working week has a very different feel to it this time out and that’s because on Saturday I shall be presenting a virtual Pride event. So until then, there’ll be all the usual darting about anxious checks to see whether everything is in fact in place. At this point, we’re still a little way away but I’m feeling confident that it will very much be a case of being alright on the night, as we pull all the remaining content together.



This was another reason why I was feeling a little bit more encouraged than usual today. I’m still fat but I’m back down into double figures and I appear to be developing something called muscle in my legs. I know I must be doing ok, because Angélica was really very effusive in her praise of me as I pranced around the bedroom like an absolute numpty this morning. It is equally plausible that she just wanted to get rid of me, but I’m going to err on the side of positivity, as has been by wont since my little man passed away.


While I’ve been working at home today, Angélica has been out being Supermum, with her ladyship Elisa and Elisa’s old mate from school Grace. When Elisa was about five or six she and Grace, along with another little girl called Yara, were inseparable. Then Yara’s family moved to Cambridge about three years ago. Elisa and Grace have remained friends but will be going to different high schools come September.



Angélica took the girls to Longton Park this afternoon, where they played beautifully and enjoyed a picnic. Suffice to say, it was a much nicer day than when I’d been up there with the two of them and my old man on Saturday. But I’m certainly not complaining, as I had a lovely day of weather yesterday and am sitting outside in the late evening sunshine as I write this, having watched the last hour of an accomplished performance by England’s cricketers. If I was feeling better, I’d savour a beer while I did this but I’m not quite there yet.


I think that the whole building process is taking its toll on me a little. While we don’t have a kitchen, I’ve not been quite as good at keeping hydrated. It’s not an excuse; it’s just a statement of fact. I’m guzzling it down now as if it’s going out of fashion, which means I’m also getting the steps in going up and down the stairs!



Angélica has had the slow cooker out today so it will be nice to sit down – two on the sofa and one person on the remaining chair – for a meal this evening. I’m going to keep going with the fluids and probably have an early night, which is not quite what I had in mind when I flew out the traps this morning all full of beans. I suppose I can summarise by saying that the greater challenges lie ahead.


I’m thrilled to say that following the fabulous efforts of my good friend Matt yesterday, our total raised for University Hospital Stoke and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, not including gift aid, now stands at just shy of £8,000. On a day when I’m not feeling in peak condition, this gladdens my soul. Which means… that there’s still another £2,000 to raise so let’s keep going. Keep sharing, keep boring people with my story as every penny makes a difference. Stay safe and night all.


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