Working in chaos - In the name of Thiago - Day 184


Sometimes I do wonder tonight’s blog title reflects the best working conditions possible. When there’s order in my life and expectation that certain tasks need to be completed in an orderly fashion it can go one of two ways. I either enjoy the tasks and work through them steadily and without too much trouble, or I capitulate if the first of them sends me into a frenzy.


It’s a strange thing to say but as I’ve got older I think my experience of the feelings of nervousness, fear of embarrassing myself and anxiety have deepened. I can just as equally be brilliant or become paralysed by a combination of procrastination and the simple fear of getting it wrong. Or maybe it’s just a phase I’m going through at the moment.



As first days back at work go after a break, today’s wasn’t too bad, but the chaos that is unravelling around me I think is actually helping. The chaos I’m speaking about is the building project. We are now officially without a kitchen and are washing dishes in the shower upstairs. I did my first dishes run earlier today. It’s going to be a bit grim but it’ll soon become a new normal. Fuck knows, we’ve had enough of those lately.


It’s ten past seven now and I have a tennis match in 20 minutes so I need to get my shit together as Jared dismissed me with very little trouble last time I played him. I shall continue with the blog on my victorious return later, (he said with thoroughly misplaced positivity) while happily avoiding watching anything to do with Tottenham Hotspur!



At 7ft9” Jared is a tricky opponent and the bugger went and twatted me out of sight again today though I should have stretched him further at the end of the match when I blew a game from 40-0 up on my own serve. He’s an awkward opponent, doesn’t miss many but has weaknesses in his game – as we all do – that I have yet to exploit. Ah well next time maybe.


I’m going to have to cut this very short tonight folks as I still have a few things to do in preparation for the ‘morrow. Angelica is back on long days, which means that I somehow need to sort the herbert out in the morning. I do bloody wish she’d just get up on her own.


Well here it is the magic link to donate to the cause. A few squid has been coming through and I now need to look at an email from my friend Matt who has kindly offered to do some beard-related fundraising. Here’s Matt – he has a beard or at least he does for now. I will post more tomorrow about how we can all collectively help to change that for a respectable donation. Until then…


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