After the Lord Mayor’s show - In the name of Thiago - Day 212


I had hoped that the overwhelming positivity that I took from the weekend just gone would continue to feed into the start of a really positive week. I know, I know, after 44 years I ought to have a better grip on how Mondays tend to work but what can I say, I really was metaphorically flying right up to last night.


I did at least start the day by firming up a few more plans for the walk and booking a couple of train journeys but once the actual working day took over, it soon became a case of the mundane kicking in. It really wasn’t all that bad to be honest with you, but it was a massive come down nonetheless.



In actual fact, I think the slight despondence comes not so much from the fact that I was back at work after a long weekend, but more from the frustration I’m feeling from staring at this building work. Living in a shared space crammed into the front of the house is certainly taking its toll on all of us.


Elisa tends to just stay locked in her room, which is a little disappointing when the weather is as glorious as it has been recently, but I’ve been through that before on these pages and don’t feel like re-treading old ground tonight. Angélica embodies the very definition of stoic, but even the great lady herself is wearying slightly I sense.



Thanks are due to Bulldog’s good lady Liz for this picture taken on the Saturday night we spent belly laughing for a large part of the evening with my brother Judd, who was in majestic form.


But that was the weekend and this is now. Even though today might be an iffy one, each day is a step closer to the big event and I am feeling ready. All the time I think about that, I feel happier. Of course, I still worry a little bit about whether I have the right stuff, how will it be getting around carrying everything, will I be able to keep the blogging up etc. But as someone whose natural tendency is to worry obsessively, life would be quite dull without those thoughts!



There he is, the little hero. Now here’s a fella who didn’t worry – he just laughed and smiled the whole way through his cruelly short lifetime. And that’s why I shall continue to power through the bad days and get on with the next one. There are so many of you, who have helped me on the journey of feeling better – I don’t want to call it a recovery because I don’t think I’ll ever manage that – and I am grateful to you all. For now, where the support is most needed, is with the fundraising effort. Let’s keep going strong everyone.


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