Back to work; well sort of – In the name of Thiago – Day 234


I’ve had a few days off, so I can’t really have any complaints but gees, I really found it hard getting back to it today. And of course, that’s in large part because I haven’t got anywhere to get back to.


It’s nearly September and there’s no threat of getting back to my office any time soon. Frankly the way things are going that’s looking less and less likely to happen this year, if at all. I fluctuate between not particularly giving a shit and suffering from terrible frustration at how things are. If I had somewhere to sit that wasn’t also my living space and where we have our meals at home, I’d probably be in better shape. Today though, I have been gripped by a terrible lethargy.



I should have been doing my yoga session this evening but as there isn’t a physical space where I can put my yoga mat, that’s had to slip by the wayside. So instead for a bit of relaxation, I’ve been trying on some fancy new face coverings today. I’ve got to nip down to Tesco in a bit, so will be giving this particular one a bash in public for the first time. I know what you’re thinking, my that man’s a dandy!


There’s a lot happening at the moment and I can feel myself starting to suffer from a little bit of anxiety, which is really frustrating having only just returned to work after some time off. But while I’ve learnt to control it better over the years, there are times where I just have to accept that a certain day might not turn out to be all that great.



Elisa, (scrambling eggs in the background here) starts at her new school a week tomorrow, the build project is nearing completion, but a lot of people need pulling together to work as a team or it still could get messy and the biggest thing of all; the walk is three and a half weeks away. I need to try to do what I can to stay relaxed, but it will be tough. So, although it’s blowing a hooley – as they say in the north east – a short walk to clear my cluttered mind will be a very good idea I reckon.



This montage that Elisa produced today definitely put a smile on my face. She never says very much but I think that she’s secretly very proud of her work too. Her new school had asked children to produce something, which said something about their character. This is the result for Elisa.


Well that’s me for today I’m afraid. I realise it’s not been a terrific read but it can’t always be so. There will be some incredible moments in the coming days; they just haven’t been happening today. Please keep up the fundraising effort folks, we’re getting closer to that £10,000 target. Although I’m not feeling that brill today, I am very confident we’ll make the target sooner or later. Thank you everyone.


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