Bulldog to the rescue – in the name of Thiago – Day 217

Today I have a twist for you. As I’ve already been on the 7.5% double IPA at Ten Green Bottles (TGB), for the first time in 217 days, I am placing my trust in a guest contributor. The context for this is that I gave my best mate Bulldog a call while I was in TGB and he insisted that I spend a little more time with the good lady. This might not be a popular move but with Bayern Munich having a key player called Thiago in their ranks who keeps being mentioned in the radio commentary I’m listening to, which is cracking me up and the neighbour’s garden beckoning I feel ready to hand over the reins. All yours Bulldog…


Today has been a real improvement on recent days. Not sure if it’s the fact that it’s Saturday and therefore I don’t have to deal with the mundanity of my job, or the fact that I was up at the crack of sparrows - in the garden enjoying a brew, since you didn’t ask. 


Following this, the weekly trip to our local butcher’s ensued (Angélica and I actually met them in TGB but the Dog was not to know that ed.) , I do love the friendly staff there who have been so supportive in recent times. The quality of their meat is unrivalled and as proof here is a picture of me looking as fit as a butcher’s dog. 


Another positive is that the building work is showing real signs of progress. Today we had both the plumber and sparky on site and the whole thing is starting to take shape, literally. 



After a late tea in the garden, her ladyship graced us with some elegant ballet poses using the setting sun as a backdrop. I really have no idea where she gets her grace and beauty from, Leroy probably!. (this is an awful private joke, which Bulldog has just launched into the public domain). 



Following the positive vibe, my wife and I booked a table at TGB, for some evening thirst quenchers.  My wife encouraged me to skateboard home, which I did whilst holding a small painted wooden duck on my head and holding a herring between my teeth. 


It is possible, that the ‘back to basics’ 7.5% DIPA that I was drinking earlier has clouded my memory, but I hope not. 


Anyways, (the pluralising of anyway is a sign of the down with the kids approach that Bulldog takes in his writing ed.) enough witterings from me, it’s Saturday evening, the weather has been awesome and now I need you all to donate some more money - that way I’ve an outside chance of getting my leg over tonight, (yay ed.) 



Thank you Doggie, just a quick line from me to say that we stopped off at the chippie on the way home and were able to say a thank you to the lovely lasses wearing their Thiago felt hearts at the Dancing Octopus, who are doing their bit to raise a few quid too. Thank you girls. So much love and gratitude coming right at you!


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