Dust to dust trap – In the name of Thiago – Day 235


I can barely fucking breathe. I am also developing a fear of trying to tidy anything up at the moment, (yes I realise that sounds pathetic) for fear of dislodging any more muck and filth. I’m even thinking that when I open the window now it’s simply going to blow all this filthy air straight back into my lungs. Other than that, I’m in pretty good spirits today!


I really feel for Angélica too. Our current living arrangements would be enough to test anyone’s patience. As has been well documented before, she has the patience of a saint, but even so, she must be teetering on the brink. I reckon there’s some kind of force field pushing me back whenever I’m ready to project myself over that brink, as I’m not convinced that it’s my willpower keeping me the right side of the line.



It seems fairly apt to be writing about a skip and whether we can fit any more shit in it before we inevitably have to get another one. Here’s something I learnt about skips: the price for hiring them is not proportionate. So this one, let’s call it the giant fucker, is £180 whereas the one that’s half the size is £120 rather than £90.


Now I reckon we probably only need the half size one for all the remaining crap we have to get rid of but if we go for the giant fucker, I’ll then be tempted to get rid of a bit more of my shambling life. It’s a fascinating dichotomy!



Going back to the dust – I actually think I’m going to have to head to the bottom of the garden to do some breathing, it’s great fun you know, I highly recommend it – it does at least provide a nice segue back into my recent mask purchases. I know, I’m sorry but I still have shit all else to talk about.  


There were four of them and this little blighter above has yet to make a public appearance. The way things are going round here, I may even start wearing one around the house, it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea.



The working day has been excruciatingly frustrating – which may come as no surprise to many of you. There are many occasions where I fly through a day getting loads done. The pleasure that brings; that sense of achievement is often enough to keep me feeling upbeat and positive through an entire week at times. Suffice to say that this was not one of those days and it’s not been one of those weeks. As yet.



Angélica put these three glass panels up on Facebook marketplace the other day in the hope that we might find a buyer. We had to replace the glass in our bi-folding doors as this glass was the wrong size, hence the sale. Well something tells me that we’ll now need to amend the entry to three triple glazed glass panels – one with the modern twist of a frosted glass effect! Ah well, maybe it was the push we needed to decide whether to get the giant fucking skip.


Now regardless of whether you think this is blog is a load of rubbish or not, one thing you’ll surely be right behind is my fundraising efforts. They are huge and they are continued, I trust I need say no more. Until tomorrow folks.


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