Easing into the week – In the name of Thiago – Day 213


I wasn’t on my game yesterday at all. Hardly surprising really. I mean who actually bounds out of bed on a Monday morning saying ‘well I’ve had one of the best weekends I’ve had for a very long time, and that force of positivity is going to continue to fly into the working week.


Well it might be said by one of those life coach knobheads – who will probably end up being shafted by whichever franchise they paid to join anyway – but the reality is very different. So that being the case, it won’t surprise you to learn that today was an improvement on yesterday. Just an improvement, I wasn’t bouncing off the walls or anything like that, though I reckon my lovely rounded body form could have given it a bash!



There’s me beavering away during my working day. I have to say that I’m never really completely comfortable at my work space, but the one thing that I am doing now is to get up, sometimes taking a stroll too even during calls if I have to. At the end of the day, you’re a long time dead and I’m not ready to join my son at Keele Cemetery just yet. Sorry Thiago, we will be reunited at some point, but Daddy’s got some shit to sort first.


Now, where was I before I shed that tear. Ah yes, that’s right sorting shit. The working day went pretty smoothly and fairly swiftly in actual fact. I was even able to lend Angélica a hand with something that she was working on as well – so while I may not have achieved a lot, I still felt productive. There was very little in the way of procrastination today.



After I finished yesterday’s blog, I took some time to make sure I was getting up to speed with my walking plans. I’m round about there. The only thing I need to properly think about is how I’m going to transport the mask around that I need to ideally have with me every night. I won’t drop dead without it – it helps me breathe at night time countering my sleep apnoea – but it sure as hell means that I wake up with a lot more energy with it than without it. Decisions, decisions.


Someone, who seems a lot happier at the moment is her ladyship; Elisa. The weekend which did us all a whole heap of good, particularly seems to have brought her back into the game. She’s singing a lot, being more generous with her insults towards me and not being quite so monosyllabic. She’s been out playing with friends the last couple of days as well. Fresh air makes such a difference to youngsters. You never know, she might even be getting up before lunchtime before you know it!



I managed a whole hour of yoga tonight in the dust trap that still qualifies as being my front room, surprising myself that I can put my hands back to reach my ankles while pushing my chest out. I felt as if something was about to snap at one point so reined it in a bit, but the body is feeling a lot more supple than it has for quite some time. I will only view these developments positively. And besides Steve Newlands – that’s the bloke who beat me up or sorted my back, whichever you prefer – said I had impressive calves! In my book, these are all wins.


And that’s about it for the day really. I just need to cajole her ladyship into coming downstairs and taking the photos that you will see in today’s blog and ask you to continue to make valuable donations and share the blog with friends and family. That’s all you need to do folks. And now that I’ve done that, that’s all I need to do too.


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