Late summer blues – In the name of Thiago – Day 230


It has to a large extent been a fairly uneventful day. There was a morning rush while I bought some laminate flooring and fought with the perils of a fairly sloppy B&Q website but there was joy to be had for the struggles. I got a 20% discount today, which I wasn’t entitled to last week when Angélica and I went into a local store originally last Sunday to place our order. What a wonderful way to spend your holiday!


It seems a strange thing to say but as a result of not doing all that much today, I am feeling weary. Angélica is feeling a little below par as well. This blog isn’t the place to be discussing how my good lady is but one thing we’ve always been good at as a couple is lifting each other when the other’s having a bit of a shit day. It’s my job to be the ‘lifter’ today. Crikes the boot’s been on the other foot often enough!



In spite of not feeling her best and having a broken hand, it really is impossible to keep Angélica down for long. She has this incredible ability to just keep ploughing on. I should probably convince her more of the need to relax but then again, I would probably get fairly short shrift. I’ll just carry on doing what every bloke does, let their partner crack on until further notice is given.


Her ploughing on today has come in the form of a thorough upstairs clean. My sister Holly is visiting this weekend with her husband Pete and two children Millie and Tristan. Millie is having a sleepover tomorrow with Elisa, hence you can see the floor in Elisa’s bedroom. I somehow doubt we’ll be seeing the like of this level of cleanliness in there again this side of Christmas.



After a visit to the stonemason to make the final preparations for Thiago’s headstone and spending a bit of time at my Dad’s earlier, I devoted the afternoon to another chunk of organising for the walk. I’ve booked another bed and breakfast, caught up with a few people walking with me in the autumn and made some updates to my spreadsheet, which happily has another couple of walkers added to it now. Positivity has been all around.


I’ve also been making sure I can get around with the train when getting lifts might be tricky. After all the walking and the general exercise I’ve been doing this week, I am now completely comfortable in the knowledge that I really am prepared for this. It’s a very satisfying feeling I must say.



I’ve been really impressed with the builders and the work they’ve done. Mark and his son Matthew and nephew Ashley are incredibly considerate when they are here and that’s a big plus from me. Nothing is too much to ask and they are also exceptionally tidy – not a character trait you tend to associate all that prolifically with the building trade!



The kitchen fitter, Jack, arrives on Monday and with any luck there’ll be some laminate flooring arriving that day as well. It truly is coming together. I was wondering where the kitchen plans were earlier, I need wonder no longer. They have been considerately impaled on this electric cable – perhaps the chaps felt they would accumulate less dust if left here!


Despite being off this week I’ve not had a beer but I’m definitely craving one now, so I am definitely going to put that right now. Thank you for the donations that you’ve made and for all the shares of my fundraising effort and story. Without those, I wouldn’t be anywhere near my target but of course there’s still work to do. Every penny raised is so important and I’m so grateful for all your contributions. Please keep going!  


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