Organised chaos – In the name of Thiago – Day 220


Well it truly has been scorchio today, although I’m sure that will soon be reversed when it’s time for me to have a few days off next week!


It’s starting to get a bit tricky to manoeuvre around the house now. The new kitchen arrived today and for the time being, will live in the front room. The most notable imposition resulting from this is that I can’t see the bloody telly and I was just getting into that Stranger Things on Netflix an’all. I’ll have probably forgotten about that by the time I get all this shit put where it’s supposed to be though.



But for now at least, here’s the kitchen just casually making something of a front room feature nicely intertwining with the electrical cables dangling from the ceiling. We have some worktops rolling up on Friday and then finally – when Indesit decide to pull their fingers out – a dishwasher too. Quite honestly though I can happily make do without that, we seemed to manage perfectly fine without one for ten years after all.


Everything’s coming along steadily but I think I may have been living in la-la land when I boldly predicted that we’d all be good by the time Elisa started at high school. But as long as the picture starts to become a little clearer, I’ll settle for that.



Eventually we’ll be able to move all the stuff into here – fingers crossed the last week of this month, which is not all that far away. There are of course positives to the current chaotic way of life I’m leading. The most notable one is that Angélica is less inclined to tell me off for leaving my shit everywhere, which she is fully entitled to do as I am a messy fucker. Only less inclined though I should make clear; my default setting is still to tread very carefully!


The good lady commented that it felt like being in Brazil today; the swarm factor has certainly been high. And even though the evening has seen a pleasant drop in temperature, I have permitted myself to go shirtless in the privacy of my garden where I thought I would be in peace.


Well, relative peace at least. As I’ve been sat outside the summerhouse from where I’m blogging today, I was momentarily distracted by the sound of her ladyship casually trundling along the new roof for reasons that will probably never be made clear, which I suspect is as much a good thing for me as it is for her. She emerged with a folding stool and a mobile phone, how much damage can she really do up there? It’s probably best I don’t give that too much thought!


I’m going to end today’s blog with an update. We’ve raised – and it really is we, as I know that pretty much all of you reading this have helped me along the way – £8,200 for the two hospitals that cared for Thiago in his tragically short lifetime. So that means we’re only £1,800 short of my target, which I probably thought was a bit hopeful back in the winter. Not now, we’re going to breeze it, (he said ultra-confidently!). Keep the donations coming though folks. Spare a quid? Then bung it in!


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