Progress all round - In the name of Thiago - Day 215


I leapt out of bed this morning with the alarm for the first time this week. I had been slightly lazy for the first half of the week, just letting time drift without really ever quite getting the motivation levels to a point where I could make progress.


It helped that I had to pick up Dad’s medication this morning from Morrisons as I wanted to get that done before I started my day’s work. Getting out the house is always a positive – I’ve managed that twice in my day today – and it wasn’t just me getting out either.


Her ladyship is getting into the habit of taking herself out each day as well. Admittedly she’s still only surfacing when most people would be considering lunch but bloody hell she’s no different than when I was her age. Well actually that’s not quite true – she’s not started drinking Harvey’s just yet.



We now have some doors! Things are really starting to take off with the building work and the realisation is belatedly coming home to Angélica that this space is going to be mahoosive. Questions were being fired at me left, right and centre by tradesmen and it was getting a bit distracting to be honest. Sometimes I think that because I’m at home, people forget that I’m still at work.


To be honest sometimes I forget myself. As a seasoned procrastinator, who’s always looking for a distraction, having a huge building project going on while working from home for the entire summer is a recipe for productivity disaster. And that’s without throwing in a very competitive test match into the mix! But I partially jest. I’m quick to take on responsibility and frequently on hand to help people in the team I work in: that will always be my default approach and for as long as I’m taking pride in what I do, that will remain the case.


I found this photo in my WhatsApp stream and I thought I’d just throw it in there. That’ll be more than ten years ago now I guess – another reminder of the very close relationship I used to have with Elisa and what I looked like with hair! She was a bit of a bruiser as a baby but she's certainly not turned out too bad. She'll be fighting them for the next ten years I reckon.


Plans are really coming together with the walk and I’m starting to feel a genuine confidence about what I’m doing and how I’m going about it. I’ve had a call from my friend Adam, who wants to try to raise some funds in partnership with his employers, so I’ve sent him some stuff, which I hope will help. Mr Jamie Hickey is going to try something similar, which has just reminded me to send him some more pics. Done. More productivity – what a man!



Gary, the landlord at The Vic, is definitely doing his bit. He’s framed one of my posters and he’s also popped a few others around the pub as well as posting on the pub’s Facebook page. I can really feel the momentum starting to build – hopefully there’ll be a few more quid raised by the end of the month, before I start rattling the collection boxes on the walk itself. I’ve very lucky in one sense in that I’ve got a lot of people rallying round me trying to keep the momentum going. Of course, I wish none of this was happening but this is where I am, so I’d better make the best of my lot.



Yes, at last I remembered to get a photo from a tennis session. I do go each week, honest. I was fairly shit and was definitely the weakest player on the court tonight. But that’s fine by me. You learn a lot more by playing with and against better players and for me being in that situation has never been a problem!


It’s gone ten now, so I need to get this blog gone and shared or you’ll all be in bed. Don’t forget to donate and share everyone. Thank you!




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