Take stock and crack on – In the name of Thiago – Day 224

By the time another hour passes by and this blog is written, published and shared on social media, I will be pretty much bushed after a long and productive day. I’m struggling already if I’m honest. The day started with a trip to our local walk-in centre in Burslem to see what the damage was with Angélica’s hand.


If you read yesterday’s blog you’ll know that while I was writing it, Angélica came off second best in an unfortunate mismatch with eight fairly hefty panels from what will before too much longer all being well, be making up our new kitchen. If you know my querida, you’ll know that she’s a very resolute character.



Not one to complain about her lot – despite everything she’s been through as a mother and much else besides, as a woman who completely made a life for herself having arrived in the UK with nothing – she commented on the soreness in her right hand.


That soreness has been upgraded this morning to two broken bones, which will get some more attention when she returns to her place of work on Monday. Some start to her holiday eh? Pants frankly.



Speaking of which, these beauties turned up yesterday and have been supporting my generous features all day on my training walk. Along with an equally whacky pair of socks, also worn for the first time today, both my feet and other accoutrements have been well supported – I can have no complaints for the aches and pains I’m feeling today on that front.


We crammed in a quick trip to Lidl after we were done in Burslem. It’s obviously been a fair while since I’ve done the shopping, as I was surprised not to see a queue snaking back to the Travelodge, which is just around the corner. All fairly painless really, which is regrettably not something, I can say about how I feel after today’s walk. More on that later.



After getting some fuel in the body – I really do love scrambled eggs – it was time to face the reality that I needed to get walking. It was half two when I set off and I was lacking in energy. But the difference in me now from the person I was before Thiago came into my life is that I have a determination, a focus that is frankly beyond what I ever thought I had in me.


I’ve been so well supported along the way in getting to where I am now. Good friends have kept me going with words of encouragement and yes, even admiration. Thank you Olly Prentice for keeping me going for that last couple of miles! People that drift in and out of my life from time to time have taken to what I’m doing and of course I’ve stopped at nothing in raising money for my cause, as you poor people may have noticed! But it’s down to me now.



All in all, I’ve managed just shy of 17 miles today, which I’m really proud of but am really feeling the effects of at the moment. I did a few stretches when I got home and I’m hoping that tomorrow will not bring too much in the way of other niggles. I shall be doing another 17 miles or thereabouts on Monday and next week when I’m on leave is probably the last time before I set off on Saturday 19 September that I can try to get a decent number of miles in the legs.


The backs of the legs are aching, there’s a bit of chafing which I’ve not had for a while – yes, I do have something for that before you all wade in – and the feet are enjoying the rest they’re getting now. But I’m ok and I will be ready to go again.


The fundraising effort has frankly been fantastic from all of you but if you’ve not done so already, just share what I’m doing with your friends and family in whatever way you feel most comfortable, because every penny really does help. Thank you and good night folks.


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