The Langley of Kings (Uxbridge to Kings Langley) - In the name of Thiago - Day 269


Another sixteen miles polished off and I am absolutely shattered. This is going to have to be fairly brief as my ol' mucker Barry has just arrived at The Old Palace in Kings Langley, our end destination for today and he's very kindly taking me in for the night.

Before long we shall heading off to Berkhamsted and having some grub and settling down to see Spurs get smashed by Chelsea I suspect.

This was where it all started today - the majestic sight of Uxbridge - the very end of the Metropolitan line.

And this is who I was with for the day, the splendid Mr Simon Eastland, sometimes known as Loser but we'll go with Simon for the time being and see how that goes.

There are some right proper pads along the Grand Union Canal which I may start referring to as the GUC. Like this one. I reckon if I'd done a door knock around some of these gaffs I would definitely have filled up the bucket but we did ok me and Simon. Thanks to Simon's wandering eye, we ended up chatting to a Viennese chap on his canal boat and he threw £20 into the bucket. We've not raised a lot today at least we hadn't until we reached the Old Palace in King's where the landlady and the lady at the bar both made  very generous contributions.

Another lovely pad. We stayed on the canal for about five or six miles but the way the GUC was meandering all over the shop we decided to take a detour or two including to a logistics firm, where we wandered up and successfully secured a few donations. It gladdens my soul to see how many people have really engaged with me on my journey. 

There were some lovely spots on our deviation from the canal and it's been a magnificent day as you can see from the glorious way that the sun is reflecting off this beautiful church. 

But it's not all been works of majesty and glorious walking territory. The last couple of miles were horrendous. This was the start of those last couple of miles and you might be able to tell from my slightly pained expression that I was really struggling. I've done 31 miles over the last couple of days, which wasn't how I planned it exactly. Anyway, the miles are in the bank now and though I feel like a sack of shit now, I'll feel better in the morning. I hope.

Look at that rosy red face, Christ I didn't 'arf catch the sun today, which you're never going to complain about on the 29th September. It's been a pretty relaxing day and it's been great to catch up with Simon. It was only me and him today so I was bloody relieved that he turned up. All I've ever wanted is to have company each day - that matters to me. Tomorrow I will have Simon, Barry, (pictured above with me and Simon), my old school mate Mark Jeffery and Bulldog. It will be a fine old day I reckon as we wind up in Tring Brewery. What could possibly go wrong? 

You don't have to answer that but you can donate to the cause or spread the word on various social media channels or just emailing a few people. Every contribution is vital as there are only two and a half weeks to go!



  1. Keep up the hard work Simon ��

  2. Thank you Marco, I'll pass on your best wishes to Simon. He's with me all week!


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