Surrey meh (Three Bridges to Redhill) - In the name of Thiago - Day 263


I had to start the day by admitting defeat to my walking partner of five days Mr Jamie Hickey. As an ode to the mighty Suede, who hail from one of my previous walking destinations, Haywards Heath, I'd had some lyrics running around in my head, which were to form the basis of a version of Animal Nitrate dedicated to a friend's experience while overseas. 

Anyway having dispensed with that idea shortly after getting out at Three Bridges station as we started to run out of Sussex to walk in and Surrey loomed gently on the horizon, attentions turned instead to how we were going to entertain ourselves on the long torturous trip up the A23 from Horley to Redhill.

Before I get to that though, here is the obligatory walkers on the train shot, from left to right, Foggy, Clegg and Compo, (you'd have to follow me on social media - ChrisGibbs76 on Twitter - to get that reference, but I'm sure the middle-aged among you will have an idea)!  

It was a strange one today, starting with finding this place not even half a mile from the station. After maybe somewhat but not completely unfairly dissing Three Bridges yesterday, to find this place so close by was something of a surprise. There were large gardens opposite with the curious juxtaposition of a block of high rise flats immediately next to them. 

The crossing of East into West Sussex felt a little more special than this. Perhaps it was because I wasn't expecting the border to come until a little later in the walk today, maybe it was the fact that I knew it meant I was leaving my old home a little further behind or maybe it was just because I don't have a particularly high opinion of the county I was entering. Surrey means pretty much one thing to me and one thing only - money. 

The thing with Surrey, is with it being a London county that's subsumed by London just as Middlesex is to the north, (it's different with Essex and Kent) it's hard to say where it starts and finishes as well. And as a man who loves all things borders and counties, it's just something that doesn't sit well with me. I know, I'm a weird fucker.

Speaking of weird fuckers, here we are again having stopped off for our lunch at a bus stop in Horley. It was as much a case of finding somewhere to take shelter with the persistent but not all that strong rain that we were treated to today, as anything else. Either way, it was a welcome respite. 

Jamie and Nigel won't mind me saying this I'm sure but this was without question the most resolutely dull day of the walk so far. I know that it can't be all astonishing memories every step of the way and it's fair to say that I have been preposterously lucky with how things have been so far. I was due a dull one.

After the sensational delights of Haywards Heath Town on Monday, it was time to pay homage to another former Unijet Sussex County League team that I would once have reported on in my fledgling journalistic career, Redhill, or amusingly as they are also known The Lobsters. As far as I am aware, there is no significant association to fishing in this town as it sits a fair way from any coastline. It's all in the colours apparently. I always found it quite fascinating that this Surrey club played in the Sussex leagues. In a way, it made me like them more, I forgave them their Surrey heritage. I'd never extend that courtesy to say Guildford.

It was still a good couple of miles, (the reality is that I'd lost track of precise distances) from Kiln Brow the home of The Lobsters to the town centre. We kept seeing signs for the town centre and then eventually the signs stopped, which was the only way we were able to deduce that we had reached it. But we didn't reach it before I took a well deserved two minute break/photo opportunity on this very considerately positioned settee.

Shortly after three we landed here, another nod to the county I'd just left as it is a Harvey's pub. I'd been here yonks ago with Bulldog and nothing had changed, which can also be read as nothing had improved. It was a little disappointing but it served our requirements adequately. Feet were rested and soon after we made the journey back home to Eastbourne. As I alluded to before, it was a largely uneventful day.

I'd like to sign off today with a thank you. Through the collective support of readers to my blog and many, many other donors, I have raised a colossal £13,400 and continue to collect a few more donations in the bucket on my travels. That latest £15,000 fundraising target doesn't seem so far away at all. 


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