Keep on keeping on – In the name of Thiago – Day 245


It’s been a busy old day and if it carries on like this, it’s going to be hell of a hectic next fortnight before we get cracking two weeks today. Yes, two weeks today. Shit the bed, let’s get cracking. With what? I don’t know but I know I need to get cracking. But I’m doing really well. But I could be doing more. But I can’t do that until the week of the event. Or can I? Oh shit, I don’t know. What the fuck am I doing again?


This is Chris the old woman, which is what I’ve reverted to at times this week. Actually, that’s a little unkind to old women. But in fairness, I am doing bloody well and I’m feeling really proud of myself. Yes, I’ll have forgotten stuff but bloody hell it’s not as if I’m going anywhere where I won’t be able to put things right every time I cock up. And there will be fucketloads of fuck ups of that I’m sure!



A sign of nerves is the rate that I get through brews. I reckon I’ll have to start drinking them on the shitter at this rate. Then again, the constant running up and down the stairs is both good for my knees and my overall fitness!


I’ve had a delivery of pantage today (see below). These magnificent specimens will be wrapped around my body mass – and mass is still very much the right word despite my training – at some point(s) during the next month or so. In fact, I’ve got a nice little 15 miler to polish off tomorrow, so this would seem to be an apt moment to give them an outing.



I’ve spent a large part of today boshing my story off to a few different media outlets and friends who have contacts in the media. With it being a Saturday I wasn’t expecting anything back today but I’m confident that it’ll raise some interest next week. I’m bloody determined to get something in Hemel Today preferably a lovely photo of me, Loser and Bulldog all supping a pint at Tring Brewery. You can but try, and believe me; I will try.



Now that’s more like it. If tea cannot calm me, maybe a nice 6% IPA in Mellards will. Thanks to (training and general support partner JCB) Steve for the beer and for the invite and in fact for looking after Elisa most of the afternoon. He really is a top bloke.


Elisa’s been catching up with her mate, Steve’s daughter Bella this afternoon. Those two lasses are so good for each other. They have completely different characters, but they are such good friends. I really hope they keep their friendship going through high school, the first three days of which have gone really well for both of them.



As is standard for her ladyship, she started to feel cold and tired in town and so decided to nip out to buy a couple of blankets and then like some warlord (credit to Sarah Williams for this analogy), draped herself in it before strolling excruciatingly slowly for the most part, home. So that was time with JCB Steve (and Sarah), we’ve now had an invite from Super Steve next door, who has a Brazilian family member that wants to meet Angélica. I’m just there to make up the numbers really but hey, that suits me just fine. I’ll just look pretty!


While I’m busy looking pretty, you wonderful folks can be busy driving donations forward if you can. We’re on the closing straight before the start.. On that front, I want to make a big shout out to Moose, who is borderline clinically insane. He plans to run a half marathon in October and then the following weekend complete a marathon and a 10k (I think) the very next day all in aid of my cause. The lad is not well. So even if you’re tired of me asking you for money, please do it for this bloody nutter. Bloody hero that he is!


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