– In the name of Thiago – Day 243

It feels like everything is pulling on my time at once. Some of it in a good way, some of it less so. As far as training preparations for the walk are concerned, I’m fairly happy, though I do need to get another couple of biggies behind me before I go. I am only two weeks away from the start of a very important month in my life. It will define me one way or another. I feel confident. 

The admin side of this big adventure has always troubled me to some degree. I’ve got collection pots and a bucket to take cash donations as I wander along on my merry way but it’s the cashless society aspect that bothers me. My mate Rob said he could source an Izettle card reader but I still need to source an account to pay the money into.


I rang my bank, the Co-op earlier today but they said it would take them 12 weeks – which strikes me as being ridiculous even in Covid times - to set up a business account. It can’t be a personal account and organising this is made more complicated by the fact that I’m neither a business or a registered charity and I’m fundraising for two charities not one. Aaaarrrgghhh!



One of our new kitchen cabinets got marked the other day and although it’s a case of after the Lord Mayor’s show I’ve now covered the place in plywood and cardboard to make sure that we don’t have any repeats. I’d like to extend my thanks to Dave Taylor for sourcing the plywood for me and cutting it to size. You’re a very fine chap Dave.


This has been one of the benefits of this blog you know. Through my honesty at publicising my own ineptitude, people have come forward offering Angélica and I support in one way, shape or form. No divorce lawyers have contacted the good lady yet though I should add, so she might say that there’s still room for improvement!


I’ve had an hour on the tennis court this evening, so I’ve managed to squeeze in some much needed exercise. I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors recently – it was a very positive thing for me to do, though I did play like a crock of shit. It really matters not.



I’m not the only one having works done. A month short of his 68th birthday, Dad is having a high-end commercial standard shed constructed in the modest garden of his bungalow in downtown LA (Longton area). He is the only person I know, who can comfortably spend more money than is ever necessary and yet make the result of his vast expenditure of lesser value than what he had before. It’s a gift.


I realise that you might think this makes me seem like I’m anxious to see some kind of inheritance. But it’s not that. I’d just rather Dad blew the fricking lot on travelling to parts of the country and the world that he’s never been to before and maybe some other extra-curricular activities. At least he’s planning on going to Ecuador to buy balsa wood, which he‘s absolutely going to need of course when he’s sat in his shed drinking tea. Anyway, it’s not my fucking business frankly and I need to focus on what I’m doing not what Dad’s not doing!


Okay folks, I need to crack on with some more research, see if I can figure out what to do about these bloody cashless payments. My instinct is not to leave a stone unturned. Keep the donations coming folks – it’s not long now..




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