Let's get it on - In the name of Thiago - Day 256

It suddenly dawned on me today, Christ it's getting really close now, I still haven't packed but I have made a full list of what I need and just in case I may have forgotten anything, my work colleagues have truly come up trumps by giving me a lovely bunch of walk-based goodies to take on my travels. More on that later.

At the weekend I spoke of the pride that I had in reaching my original £10,000 fundraising target. Well today I can speak with pride about having made it to £11,000! Just another £4,000 to go and please rest assured, I won't be raising the target again after that. That really will be that, as I'm sure I'll need to relax.

Relaxing was very much the order of the day this evening at The Egerton Arms in Astbury. At least I think it was Astbury. It was somewhere on the outskirts of Congleton with plenty of money around at any rate. Fivestar, bless her, had organised a little get together for a few of us from work. Sticking strictly to Boris' new rule of six, there were five of us from work plus my little herbert Elisa enjoying a nice bit of nosebag. It was so good to see some of my colleagues this evening. 

And Elisa, of course, absolutely loved telling everyone I work with what a wayward father I am. It's not unreasonable to say that she relished in the task! Much as I loved seeing some work friends tonight, I can't say I was all that impressed with the pub itself.

The problem with Robinsons pubs is that they do tend to be shit. In my drunken days I would go for the Old Tom due to its, at the time what seemed utterly preposterous ABV of 8.4% I think it was. Whatever it was, it was like drinking syrup and they quite often only sold it in halves. But the rest of their beer is average and that's being kind.

The pub's in a nice setting  - this church lies immediately opposite its front. It was a great idea of Fivestar's to meet up after another day's home-working. something that all of us definitely benefited from. I had hoped to see if I could use the social gathering as a way of doing a spot of fundraising, but the place was completely deserted. 

No problem with sticking to the government guidelines tonight as by the time we were having our puds there wasn't another soul in the pub apart from the slightly uninterested barman. As a pub - and here's something that I didn't ever imagine myself saying - it didn't come anywhere close to living up to the expectations that the website suggested.

As I mentioned at the start of today's blog, my work colleagues really did make a big fuss of me with all these little trinkets, though I think I might struggle to pack the little fan that Elisa immediately took a shine to. Today has shown that there really are a lot of people out there that are truly wishing me every success over the next month and more importantly care about my mental wellbeing. There was an article published on our staff intranet today about Thiago and the walk that I'll be starting on Saturday and the well-wishes kept on coming all day. I felt humbled.

For now, I must get some sleep. I've been feeling very weary of late and tonight's so different. But I feel that once I get started on Saturday, something else will take over. At least that's what I'm hoping! Keep donating, keep sharing. It's not long now.



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