Oops I nearly forgot - In the name of Thiago - Day 255

I had a message from my Mum yesterday and a card come to think of it, wishing Angelica and I a happy anniversary. Oh shit, it dawned on me, it's my 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow and I've arranged to go out with some work colleagues. Good work lad. Fifteen years is crystal - Christ alive what am I going to do? I knew it wasn't going to be paper but I was thinking more along the lines of cardboard or maybe at a push plywood.

But worry ye not Gibbo, it occurred to me shortly afterwards: only you've seen the card and Angelica normally forgets our wedding anniversary anyway. no harm done. But no, reminding me of my wedding anniversary wasn't enough for Mum, she only went and reminded the good lady as well on WhatsApp.

So, I fessed up and as expected Angelica had forgotten, which made me feel much happier, albeit with slightly mixed emotions at the opportunity I'd missed to occupy the moral high ground for a fleeting moment. The long and the short of it is, we've had a night out tonight at The Gresley Arms in Alsagers Bank as she's working a long day tomorrow anyway.

The newish landlord has some interesting furnishings around the gaff, which naturally with the nickname Monkey were a great source of intrigue to me. We actually ended up having a difficult conversation about end of life care for children, which was an interesting way to while away a few moments. Such are the joys of being grieving parents I guess.

Through every test that life has thrown at us, we have shown that we are the great survivors. Fifteen years and standing. I'd like to think that the most difficult moments are now behind us, as I seriously cannot imagine what could be worse than we've already been through. I'm not even going to consider that for a moment longer.

It has been a form of organised chaos in the house today. We've had all the trades in and things are coming along at speed. We've also had this little beauty installed as well. Angelica and Iahve decided to go with the approach of 'sod it, let's get all our spending done in one fell swoop'. It's probably not all that sensible and we would be slightly fucked if an unexpected bill was to turn up, but hell you only live once. We'll deal with any shizzle that comes our way if and when it does. It's not like I'm going to be way for a month or anything!

I've not been feeling all that hot if I'm honest. It might be a little nervousness, but some bodily movements today haven't been filling me with a great deal of confidence. Hopefully I can get it all out the way before Friday and then have a calm night before the big day. Jamie, the big bastard, warned me this might happen; anyway it'll clear I'm sure.

Here's to the benefit of clear heads and successful fundraising. For they are both wonderful things. Good night.


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