Time for a wander – In the name of Thiago – Day 246


Angélica and I had a bit of an impromptu night over at our next door neighbours Super Steve and Louise last night. We met Louise’s brother Barry who has a Brazilian wife called Emily, who was interested to meet my good lady.


Angélica was really keen to get stuck in, which is unusual for her coming straight off a 12 hour shift and it was actually yours truly that decided to duck out early. We also had Elisa with us as well, and as is always the case when her ladyship is part of the Gibbs social fabric, hardly anyone was able to get a word in edgeways!


By some extraordinary stroke of good luck Louise’s brother Barry happens to live on the Grand Union Canal somewhere in Hertfordshire between Kings Langley and Tring. Not only is he getting on board with the walk along with Super Steve, (I’m assured this wasn’t the drink talking!) but he’s offered to stick me up for a night as well, saving me a trip back to London. He’s also bunged in a few quid to the pot. Result, cheers Bazzer!



Today was a walking day – the first one for more than a fortnight, so predictably I’m feeling a bit stiff now. It’s mostly the back that’s the cause of the pain but it’s nothing I’ve not felt before. It’s all very manageable. There’s no particular significance of this photo incidentally, I just thought you might appreciate a photo of me looking like a twat.


I set off at 7am this morning as I was keen to get it done and have the option of spending the afternoon with the girls if they showed any interest. Both Angelica and I were feeling slightly smug about our morning’s work as far as getting it done was concerned, before a few sharp afternoon downpours came along. Angélica has – as she so often does – been in the garden performing wonders. It would just be nice to see some progress inside the house now!


It was the trusted Kidsgrove return walk today. I’ve done it so many times now but I’m always looking for slightly different ways to vary things a little. Extraordinarily bold moves such as crossing to the other side of the road to get a different perspective came to the fore today. Yes, it really was that exciting.


I had a nice break in my walk this morning, which was to meet my mate big Kev. Kev was really grateful for me letting him join me on my walk today, which was a lovely thing to hear. I’ve always said all along that it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’. I haven’t adopted anything akin to the New Zealand rugby team’s ‘no dickhead policy’, I’m just hoping for the best on that score. And anyway, anyone that can help put a few more pennies in the jar is fine by me.



I get on really well with Kev. He’s also joining me for a stage of the walk, as it comes into Birmingham. He wanted nothing more than to see what my walking pace was today and I don’t think I’ve left the old boy with any worries on that front. Kev, you’ve done your grandson proud!


It makes a hell of a difference to have someone with me for the day, and I’m so relieved that this is the case for every day of my walk. There was always going to be a big group at the start and for the last day, but it was always my priority to somehow wangle someone to come along for each walking day. I’ve done that now and that means a lot to me.



Before I left big Kev to his own devices for the day, we stopped off at the Boatcake for a restorative brew and ok I confess, a sausage and cheese oatcake. It was right on the money and saw me bouncing over the A500 on the way back into Wolstanton and on to Newcastle. So all in all, a pretty top day.


I published my fundraiser in a couple of different places online as well, unfortunately they've only brought one further donation so far, but you can’t win them all. On the flip side, Super Steve has just popped round with Barry’s 40 notes and confirmed that by the sounds of it half of Hertfordshire will be rocking up in Kings Langley. Not sure what Bulldog and Loser will make of it all! Keep the donations and the shares coming folks if you possibly can.


So, on we go. I’m actually starting to get pretty excited about it now. It’s going to be a great adventure although I’m really going to miss Angélica and Elisa, especially as I’m going to miss Elisa’s birthday. I’m not sure that she’ll miss me but hey that’s fine, I’ll catch up with her again when she’s 18 maybe.


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