Gee but it's great to be back home - In the name of Thiago - Day 301


Six weeks ago today I was starting out my life-changing journey from the very place I write to you from now. Yes folks I'm back in Eastbourne - until tomorrow at least - and it does feel good to be home. That probably makes me seem very contradictory. After all a fortnight ago, I was thrilled to be 'home' when I was reunited with my wife and daughter at the end of my 350 mile trek.

I am very fortunate to have the life that I do now but Staffordshire will never be home to me - that will always be this lovely old part of the south coast from where I write today.

We left my brother's gaff this morning to make our way back over to Herstmonceux to have a magnificent brunch with the Nunsboroughs. They were remarkably appreciative that we'd had their eldest daughter Primrose for nigh on a week, though in fairness it was the easiest thing in the world to do. As I've said before on these pages earlier in the week, the two girls have been great friends from babies, which is a great relief as the parents love a sherbert or two on occasion.

A full English was served moments after this Sussex trugful of toast was placed on the table - another reminder of the county that I love so much. 

And here are those lovely adults, Saffron looking more radiant than ever on the left, (this chic lady really is like a good wine), then my good lady and yours truly with Nuns sat on my knee. The deep look of satisfaction spreading across his face is because just seconds, possibly even second, earlier he'd just dropped his guts. It wasn't great but neither was it honky tonk piano. And it would be extremely fair to say that I possibly may not be in the very best position to cast aspersions on the good character of his lordship for this aberration. 

The little one in the picture is Pearl, that's Primrose's little sister. Elisa loves a cuddle with Pearl, which makes me both happy and sad. I'm happy that she has the capacity within her to be loving, (I had started to have my doubts) but terribly sad that the capacity that she does have will never be used for the little brother I still don't know how she really feels about. 

I know that Paul and Saffron won't mind me saying this as they are very dear friends of mine but I found it difficult today seeing their family unit. Around their house are references to their two 'P's Primrose and Pearl - it's a very strong family fabric. Of course, most people seeing that wouldn't bat an eyelid but it's not like that for me. I still find it extremely difficult to see other people's happiness, even in such good friends. This isn't ideal but it's simply how I feel. Will that ever change? I suspect it won't. 

After a brief stop in Polegate to drop off some oatcakes at Aussie Dan's it was over to Bulldog's to sample a few of his beers in the Toyhouse Brewery. After this picture of young Oliver, me, Jamie and the Dog was taken we were also joined by a Tibbals who'd gone all Nicky Wire and was adorned in eye-liner. Well they are both bass players, albeit to slightly differing standards.

Tibbals went on record this evening in saying that if ever he ever had to beat someone to death with a human body part then he would take to his work with my calves. I packed him off with some oatcakes and now he's gone fishing. He's a good lad.

Angelica will be joining us soon. She's currently visiting her mate Susie and a little later on we'll be heading back to my brother's. I'm doing all this now, as of course the government are completely having to backtrack from their tiered system and will be announcing a national lockdown in a moment or two. Do I feel any guilt for pushing the boundaries for what should be permitted in the meantime? Nope, not for a fucking second. Onwards we go to what no-one really knows but to carry on is better than the alternative, as I know only too well. 

You can still donate to my two causes: Royal Stoke University Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital. People still are donating so why not join them. Take care folks.



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