Gibbs reaches his triple ton - In the name of Thiago - Day 300


As Goochy used to say, (apologies any non-cricket fans out there not aware of the ways of England's former captain Graham Gooch), it's no good to anyone just making a pretty hundred; go on and make it a Daddy i.e. a fucking big one.

In my humble amateur cricket career I never got close to making a ton but today is the 300th consecutive day of sharing my thoughts, ramblings and general angst. I daresay a few of you would like to see me make a declaration!

I've just rocked up at my brother's gaff after dropping off Elisa's good friend Primrose. The girls are so incredibly different in their personalities and yet they do get on fantastically well. Elisa is a right bloody toerag though, trying to get Primrose to do things for her when she cannot be arsed to move. I have no idea where these mannerisms come from.

Here are the girls on our stopping off point at Beaconsfield Services just before you hit the M25 on the joyful route south. It's been weird today making my way along. Every step of the way I've seen reminders of my 350 mile walk - just place names nothing more - but each time I've seen one whether it was Warwick, Fuxbridge, sorry Uxbridge or Haywards Heath it's brought back all those happy memories of my journey of a lifetime.

Angelica and I had a serious chat today, not for long but just long enough to give me some stuff to go away and think about. She always does this. The good lady isn't one for saying too much but when she does speak up, you know you need to listen. An obvious thing you might think for me to say as her husband of 15 years but we are living, in let's call them interesting times.

Fucking Starbucks. Four drinks and a couple bags of crisps set us back £17.40. The glass in the background of the previous picture separates Starbucks from Wetherspoons. I don't much like them either but as I sat down to have my drink, I soon realised that this was excessive for my needs. 

The drive down today was perfectly tolerable and I'm delighted to say that the eight packs of oatcakes have made the trip with me. I'm looking forward to dishing them out to some hungry lads tomorrow at various points. 

Elisa loves seeing her uncle, always has done. Judd's girlfriend Livi is a big pull for her too - her ladyship never takes any length of time to get herself comfortable shall we say. 

I am feeling very tired at the moment. I've worked hard this week - please don't laugh - but it's not just that that makes me feel tired. Before when I had a focus I wasn't getting tired, pure adrenaline was sustaining me to my achievement I suppose. I feel like I need a bit of a lift but I also know that it's me that needs to provide it. A new target, a new challenge, I don't know but something.

Thank you everyone for all the donations that mean I have nearly raised £22,500. It's starting to ease off a little now and that's understandable. I'm trying to take it easy for a bit but bizarrely I even find that hard! Let's see what the weekend brings.


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