Home office politics and an attack of the Chalfonts - In the name of Thiago - Day 296


Today is a better day. Of course Spurs could alter the complexion before the night's out but that's only football. In the real world - or at least the public sector version of it - it has been a very productive day. 

Half terms are odd times to be working in many ways. We are at 50% of our normal team size for the first couple of days this week, which is pretty much always the busiest end of the working week and I'm finishing early for the week on Friday. Today has been plenty busy enough.

After all the travails of yesterday with the form-filling something caught my eye today, which helped give me some perspective. 

So with this in mind I dusted myself down, thought okay so things are shit (at times) but keeping the spirit of Thiago strong within, I'll now go again and in the meantime stay very busy and make myself useful. I am encouraged these days by the number of people who come to me for something in the sense that I'm seen as someone whose natural disposition is to help. Whether I'm able to is another matter but that's for another day!

Before the showers came rolling through a little later in the day, the girls took advantage of the sunny spells. I am assured that they weren't out here all night but I honestly wouldn't put it past them. Elisa and Primrose probably see each other on average about four times a year but whenever they're together, they become inseparable. Who knows how they'll be in their teenage years but I'm just enjoying it for now.

As Angelica has a week's annual leave she's been making plans to keep the girls interested until we all head down to Eastbourne on Friday afternoon. I have so much admiration for the way that Angelica just naturally always seems to come up with great ideas for things to do for Elisa and her mates. There's no faff either. It's just "right girls we're off, let's do one." The doing one today took them to Quarry Bank - a National Trust place just south of Manchester airport. When the weather was fine, they went for a pleasant stroll around surroundings like the one above..

And when it went a bit shit, they ducked inside for a hot chocolate, where of course her ladyship was only too happy to pose for the camera! She'd be even angrier if she knew she'd made it into the blog. At least Primrose didn't mind. 

While the girls have been away having a very pleasant day out, it has at least enabled me to get my head down. The whole working from home thing must put a strain on a lot of relationships and we're no different. I used to wonder whether I was one of few people who got annoyed simply by someone being there. I know it irritates Angelica me being at home a lot, which isn't without good reason. I do a lot of calls and I haven't always been that considerate. 

However, now that the work has almost been completed on the house, I am at least able to retire to the front of the house allowing everyone else a bit of space. it worked well today, so I think a happier home environment beckons. You heard it here first!

I don't get many parcels in the post and when this arrived today, (before I opened it obviously) I was racking my brain trying to think what I'd bought on Amazon. I drew a blank. My sister Holly sent me this with a card congratulating me on completing my walk. It's essentially the story of someone who just leaves his house one day and goes for a walk. An extremely long fucking walk. I don't actually know much more than that but it seems like a fine premise for whiling away a few hours over the coming weeks. It might take longer; I'm a slow reader.

Here's the entertainment for the evening - excellent! The girls are actually watching it without me but that's okay. Besides there's no room at the inn on the sofa. Actually sitting has been a difficult activity for me this last few days, which is why I have a telephone appointment with the quack tomorrow morning. As Nobby Piles of Viz would have said: 'Ooh me Chalfonts'! 

Fundraising is still ticking along with great thanks to Mr Moose who has been completing all sorts of Herculean acts these last few days. Thanks to him the total is now just a gnat's cock short of £22,000. Now that ain't bad..   


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