I have no words (Stone to Royal Stoke University Hospital) - In the name of Thiago - Day 286


I'm going to level with you here straight up. I truly have nothing left in the tank to offer you tonight. I have been completely blown away by everything that's happened. I cannot even offer you the now well established line of sarcasm. I barely have the energy to fucking swear. The well has run dry. And this is why.

I walked up towards the children's hospital entrance at the Royal Stoke today and I was greeted by this sight. People lining the streets to greet me. But they weren't just lining the streets, they were applauding. Loudly. I will probably never experience anything like this again but you know what, I'll have this memory for the rest of my life.

I was completely overwhelmed. As many of you will know, it is not a common thing for me to be lost for words - it's not a terribly helpful trait for a broadcaster - but today I was truly gobsmacked. These people in their scrubs are the real heroes: the heroes of our NHS - probably the greatest organisation that exists in the UK. My wife works for the NHS and I am so fucking proud of them and proud to have raised £21,000 and counting for them. Celebrate them please people.

This was the moment that I trudged wearily up to the front doors. It wasn't the physical exhaustion that hit me. No sir. I could walk another 350 miles if I needed to, right now I feel so strong. What hit me was the emotional intensity of the moment. This was the very moment in time where I realised just what I'd achieved. These incredible people had come out to say thank you to me for what I'd done. And that was truly humbling.

I've just been putting one foot after another for a while. It's not complicated but yes without doubt it requires staying power. I have it in abundance and it's made me realise that my little hero, Thiago Frederick Leite Gibbs has given me something that no-one else ever could - the ability to believe in myself. I do truly now believe in myself. 

Thank you Thiago my darling boy. I love you more then ever and I miss you so much. Your physical absence from my life makes my heart hurt so much but what you did for me in the nine months that you were with me is something that no-one else in this world will ever be able to achieve. I love you little man.


  1. Oh Chris, So well done. Sending you all much love. Love changes everything.💕💕💕💕💕 xxxx

  2. Ain't that the truth. What an amazing couple of days 💜😊


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