Pumpkins and sheds - In the name of Thiago - Day 297


I've been saving this blog since Saturday really, as this was when I got most of the photos you're seeing on today's blog. Being back at work is an odd feeling. Suddenly I'm left wondering what to write about again and what pictures to use to complement the words.

As I'm wise to avoid any discussion of what takes place in my workplace - frankly I'd be losing readers by the shedload if I did - I shall discuss sheds. Not loads of them, just the one that my Dad has spent a small fortune on. Well make that a large fortune actually.

I don't actually know how much money Dad has spent on this shed, which dominates what used to be a modest garden at his Longton bungalow, but it can't be far short of £20,000. It is my sincere hope that when it's up and running properly he will start to get some use out of it but I suspect it will largely be a case of him sitting in it and having cups of tea.

That in itself is fine though. It is, after all, his business what he does with his money. However, it is also becoming obvious that Dad has very little grip on his financial affairs these days, I say these days, I'm not sure that he ever really did. He just seems to work on the assumption that there'll always be enough. I'm not sure there will be and that worries me. Because well you know who's going to have to pick up the pieces when it all goes tits up don't you? And apart from the pot that I use to piss in, I'm hardly flush meself.

Maybe it's me that's got it wrong though, maybe he does know what he's doing, it's not like he's stupid. He's a very intelligent chap in many ways but he doesn't know when to shut up. And that's how he ends up upsetting the local unruly element and getting his car vandalised. I do fear that this huge shed, which looks completely incongruous dominating the row of bungalows that he lives on will simply act as another beacon to attract the very worst that Longton has to offer. And in that respect, I'm not speaking out of turn when I say that it certainly has a lot to offer.

I did promise you pumpkins as well as sheds today, as that's what's been keeping Elisa and her mate Primrose occupied this late afternoon into evening. Primrose certainly is a lot more prepared to stay on task than Elisa. Elisa's a lot like me in that respect. The memories of me trying to be remotely creative in my formative years are not good ones. I never believed that I could do anything very well at all. I'd just do it, it would be shit and I'd just leave it being shit or see if one of my mates felt sorry enough for me to help me avoid being utterly humiliated by my peers. Elisa doesn't seem to give much of a shit though to be honest.

The girls will have some company tomorrow in the form of two of Elisa's old primary school friends Grace and Noran.

As the restrictions are starting to get stricter again and even though Elisa and all her friends live in a Tier 1 area, we've decided to have a pre-Halloween house party rather than allow the girls to go out knocking on doors.

Help did arrive and in a flash Elisa switched to the supervisor role, which she feels more accustomed to taking. I've just heard Angelica start saying to Elisa, "Next time you want some help..." The rest of the sentence tailed off. I couldn't hear and I suspect Elisa was thinking of other things already. I'll bring you pictures of the finished pumpkins at the party in tomorrow's blog.

Today I toppled the £22,000 fundraising mark, which is simply extraordinary. It's been an incredible journey and this element of it is almost at a close. There's still time to bung a few quid in the pot so please don't be shy!


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