Slobbing about and oatcake love-ins - In the name of Thiago - Day 299


I admit it. I am reaching a point where the blog is at risk of becoming a burden. The original idea back in January when my grief was extremely fresh, was to keep the blog and the plans for the walk running concurrently. One very much supported the other. It has served me well and I like to think that it has also brought a little light and cheer into many other people's lives. Well I like to think so anyway.

I've always been a writer, it's in my blood. I first started writing for the Sussex Express, a Lewes based newspaper when I was 15-years-old. My first game as a reporter was at Newhaven Town, which at the time played in Unijet Sussex County League Division One. They were playing against Pagham. I remember thinking I'd hit the big time and started behaving like a charlie of the big time variety. 

I have no idea why I did that. I was always thinking I could run before I could walk with my writing. And so at the first time of asking I wasted the opportunity that came my way by getting on everyone's tits. But we all make mistakes I guess, 299 daily blogs later I am a more rounded human being and writer I like to think.

While Angelica has been busy with her new found social life - ok it was only coffee at the Dick Turpin but it's something at least - I have been keeping an eye on Elisa and Primrose, who have been in occupation of the sofa for well I'd say a large part of the day, but that would suggest they did something with another part of their day. Which would be a lie. 

These scallies have been trying to work their way through the entire Harry Potter film box set while they've been here and today barely a muscle has moved other than to eat and excrete. It's been a heroic effort frankly, though Elisa's sweaty feet are slightly off-putting. Putting me off is second nature to her though, call it a protective cloak. A Harry Potter film character would be proud. 

As the new rules of tier two close in around us all here in Newcastle-under-Lyme we thought it only right that we max out on what we are allowed to do before everything turns to shit again for what I'm sure will be months rather than weeks. I'm more of an optimistic nature these days but I have the feeling that the peak when it comes for Covid cases this winter while not as extreme as it was in the spring/summer will take longer to reduce. Boris' curve flattening may take a little longer than he would like. 

Tonight this opportunism meant having our very dear friends Mindaugas and Kristina over for a social visit. And very nice it was too. They've not long left and of course we don't know how long it will be before we can enjoy such privileges again. Funny how I think of socialising with friends as a privilege... What a year. 

The feet have now lengthened out on to the pouf in Primrose's case but otherwise it's very much as you were at 11am. That really is majestic and utterly committed loafing. I'm partially in awe at the pair of them. Not since Richie Benaud greeted me on Test Match Special at 10.50 with the all knowing line 'Morning everyone' have I known what it is to be utterly transfixed by a television for this astonishing length of time. Well done girls, I salute you. 

Another day has passed, another day of life lived. Writing that sentence is encouraging me to think about how I want to live the days that I have left. For now though, I simply need to wrap this up.

Before I do though I'm going to bring a little sunshine into the lives of Judd and Livi, Nuns and Saffron, Bulldog and Liz, Jamie, Tibbals and Aussie Dan all of whom will be furnished with oatcakes at some point over the weekend. I couldn't afford beer this time but these will do just as well. And besides, while Titanic Plum Porter is readily available in Eastbourne these days, the mighty Staffordshire oatcake is nowhere to be seen. I am performing a public service is the way I like to look at it. 

Right that's your lot folks but just in case you haven't done so already there's still time to make a donation. You know it makes sense. 


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