Change the leopard's spots - In the name of Thiago - Day 304

I've just been speaking to a mortgage adviser. He's an alright sort of chap, I've met him a couple of times back in those halcyon days when you could meet people but we probably wouldn't be going for a beer, even if we weren't in a national lockdown. It's professional and it works.

We had a two minute general chit chat before we crunched some numbers, which started after we'd reflected on the struggles society faces with him declaring; "health equals wealth". "I look forward to the second half of that equation," I replied. 

There I am, I don't feel too bad for a middle-aged slightly chubby, bald fella. I may have slightly ill-fitting and - as some cheeky get may have been about to point out - ill-matching clothes but you know what: I am remarkably comfortable with the skin I live in. Sometimes I think that Angelica probably thinks I am too comfortable!

So what's with the blog title then Chris? Well it kind of relates back to the discussion I've just been having with the mortgage adviser. Angelica and I rarely have the same initial view of what's affordable and so it proved again today. But this time with a civilised chat - I know it sounds so simple but I'll hold my hands up and say that I've not been easy to live with recently - we found a compromise that works. I know that sounds ridiculously easy but it made me feel happy and actually compelled me to write today's blog right away. So maybe this impulsive beast can be a leopard which changes its spots!

The star of yesterday's blog, her ladyship Elisa - she doesn't know she was the star and if she found out that I'd used images of her again she'd go nuts, so keep it schtum please - is in a good mood because 1) we've quickly moved on from a recent homework memory loss aberration; and 2) the embroidered lemons she was waiting on for her new bag have arrived. On they went immediately and the new bag will get its first airing tomorrow. 

She showed us her school photos that had recently been taken and as is often the case, she's ensured that we wouldn't be wanting one with a classic 'one is not amused' pose. The class photo looks alright but honestly I reckon these bloody things are charged out at way over what they're worth for the amount of effort that goes into them. Snap, next, smile, snap, next. Makes me grateful to do what I do.

Speaking of which, and before I get too comfortable in front of here, one of the things I did today was interview the chief executive. My employer likes staff to be at ease with senior personnel in a professional environment and well they don't come more senior than the chief exec. In fairness I'm relaxed with people whoever they are, seniority isn't really a thing to me. I just take people as they come. 

The point is, that this is all good timing, as tomorrow I have a job interview and need to show the progress that I've made this year. As I look back now, I can do so with great pride. Pride in my survival of the worst that grief can throw at someone. Pride at the achievement of maintaining a (relatively) calm family environment. Pride at hosting a virtual pride event (like what I did there?) No you're right it was fairly shit. And pride in the way that I've truly become someone that people look up to. I'm in a pretty good place right now when you break it down. Well done me!

And so the daily dirty question: show us your money! We're £100 short of the magical £22,500 figure and with a couple of charity pots to collect, I won't be far off... but that's not to say that you can't help me over the latest mini target. Stay safe folks and let's get ourselves locked down...


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