Keeping the faith - In the name of Thiago - Day 309

Cards on the table, this may be a) very brief and b) for reasons of privacy have to skirt round the main issue of the day. With regard to work, I put my head down and got plenty done and that really is all I have to say. 

It hasn't been the best of days but as I've said on many, many occasions before, it's always about how you react rather than what happens to you. Having said that, I suppose the more it happens to you, the more you need to consider whether there's something else to address. I suspect that's one for another day.

Now this is much happier. Yes, this was from the weekend and as a rule, I tend to be very happy at weekends. I've always enjoyed the canal towpath walk from Newcastle to Stone, as there are some very quirky things to see on the way. One of which was this signal box which sits proudly in someone's garden just outside of Stone. Absolutely nothing to do with the events of today but happy times. 

One of the good things that comes from working in the public sector is that there are always things that come along that enable you to do something positive, which don't always connect obviously to your day to day activities. I am someone who likes to do things that put smiles on faces and even though I'm not sure at all how it will be received, I offered to take a pledge to do something to mark November Children's Rights Month.

So, I ended up writing a letter to my niece Millie. Holly, if you're reading this: as I say in the letter to Millie, it might seem a little weird but there's a method behind this, mainly that as adults we need to be more attuned to what children have to say about the things that affect them in life. I'd have written this off as tosh before it's fair to say, but I do feel slightly differently these days. I'm still not totally convinced by it all but if it helps a young person to understand that they are cared about and they have a mind that matters, then this is all very much worthwhile.

A strange old day calls for comfort food and this is my default. Angelica set it up last night by warning Elisa that this was probably going to be on the menu tonight, so in many ways it was a case of hating to disappoint. I didn't disappoint. 

I may be disappointed but at least I'm not disappointing. That matters to me. I will never be disappointing. Fundraiser remains open folks - let's all keep the faith.


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