Monday bloody Monday - In the name of Thiago - Day 316

It's not been too bad, all things considered for a Monday. I'm afraid I'm still very much of the opinion that apart from when they have the words Bank Holiday preceding them that Mondays are very much days to be 'got through' though. And is it was again today. 

But get through it I have, and with some better news to share too. I had a positive conversation with a lady at Keele Cemetery today and I'm hopeful that with a little bit of luck, we might be able to get a tree planted there, maybe even in time for the anniversary of the day we lost our little man.

When I think about planting the tree it gives me a better feeling, a little bit like the one I had when I was walking in Dovedale yesterday. I must get this blog done tonight as I need to sort out the paperwork that's needed for me to get that moving. I'm sure that you can appreciate that I need to treat that as a priority tonight.

I'm still struggling with the whole thing of being at home all day every day. I've not left the house at all today and now that the weather gods are slinging it down with renewed interest, that's enormously unlikely to change now.

One of the good things - and I appreciate that I'm slightly grasping at straws here - about seemingly permanently working from home, is that you can at least do things at times of the day that you would never do normally. So it was that at 1.45, having felt slightly lethargic during the morning, I decided to have a bit of a trim before kicking off the afternoon session. To be honest, it didn't seem to make all that much of a difference but at least I'm looking a little more human.

This is the new way of doing homework. Well apparently so at least. The MacBook Air I'm writing this on now is what Elisa was using to do her homework earlier. The phone is to Google anything she's not sure of the answer to, while listening to the latest offerings from the likes of Cavetown. Well the alternative is to ask Dad, so I can't fault her on that one. 

In fairness, her ladyship is very good at getting on with her work and she's coping extremely well with the weirdness that lockdown brings. I must confess I am now willing there to be more positive news on a vaccine. I know it will be months, many months at least but I've reached a point where good news really matters. 

On that note, I must push on with the tree planting plans. It's time to make some positive plans..



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