Presidential shenanigans and roast potatoes - In the name of Thiago - Day 306

I feel really rough. As if a recent attack of the Chalfonts wasn't enough, I've now got a nasty little stomach bug developing. The early evening has consisted of rather too much time sat on the Rick Witter and not enough time looking forward to a weekend with the girls. Damn it.

But looking beyond any physical ailments I may be experiencing, it's been a pretty reasonable day. Busy but reasonable. I started it by going out for a walk with the good lady. Only a short one mind, not anything in the ilk of what I completed three weeks ago! But getting out, especially in a time of lockdown is something to be savoured and the simple act of being out in the fresh air seems to invigorate me. Angelica certainly felt the benefits of it as well.

After signing off work for the day, I sat down and watched some of CNN's continuing coverage of the presidential election. It all feels a bit weird to be honest. Having earlier in the week wondered why there is so long - about two and a half months - between the announcement of the result and the winner of the election taking office, if there's a change, I'm now wondering whether it might not be long enough. 

Trump has taken the unusual route of citing fraud first and then, well we'll wait and see what evidence is forthcoming, but you get a very clear sense that he's not planning on going quietly. 

The chap on the left is CNN's splendidly named Wolf Blitzer. He's a very solid pair of hands and the broadcasting team at CNN is making an excellent job of keeping the ongoing and long-drawn out process of Joe Biden being announced as the new leader of the free world sound very interesting, despite the fact that not a lot's really happening at the moment. 

The whole hoo-ha about postal ballots and the legitimacy of them if you believe those in the red corner has been quite revealing. But it's a sorry state of affairs for a sitting president to decry the very same process that put him into the Oval Office as not being fit for purpose four years later. There's much more to come on this you'd imagine. 

Now here's a thing: the Oval Office is situated in the West Wing of the White House, which is on Pennsylvania Avenue. And what's the decisive state to be called - Pennsylvania. Spooky huh? No of course not, move on Chris, you bloody fool.

Speaking of sorry states of affairs, there's a greater monetary value to the tune of £1.39 attached to my fridge door than there is in my current account at the moment, although looking on the positive side of things - as I'm absolutely committed to doing these days - providing that we stick to Tesco we've undoubtedly got milk and bread covered for the week ahead. 

While I was thinking about this earlier, Angelica was having a good chortle at the things that children ask for as a Christmas present. Some of the suggestions were marvellous: a cucumber, a llama, 10p, some hand gel, a light bulb and a tin of baked beans were requested. My particular favourite was roast potatoes though. I may share this with Elisa if she puts forward the view again that a laptop is somehow inadequate. I jest, she's absolutely no trouble at all and hasn't ever been frankly. 

Right I need to excuse myself again I'm afraid ladies and gents. Worry ye not about my personal bank balance but if you can spare a few pennies for the fundraiser then that would be most splendid. Night all.


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