The pre-lockdown dash - In the name of Thiago - Day 302


So how's everyone doing after yesterday's lockdown announcement? I was thinking back to Friday and how I was writing that I was struggling to find the context for continuing to write this blog. Well, the latest lockdown announcement does at least give the blog some legs in that respect. Ok, I know I'm struggling to find a positive here. Global pandemic and subsequent lockdown equals good blogging material. I admit it, that is seriously shithouse.

I'm fairly sure that I've been in contravention of lockdown measures this last couple of days but here's the thing: people will do far worse. I can live with myself for that. The only way this could have been avoided would have been if we'd turned around immediately on arrival in Herstmonceux on Friday and pinged it home for midnight. Fuck that. I take my reference from the political leadership of this country so there you have it, I'll use my own judgement thank you just as those muppets have.

The deranged fella on the left is me obviously but the possibly psychotic fella on the right is my younger brother Judd or Uncle Guff as Elisa likes to call him. No further explanation on that front is necessary! After I'd got back from Bulldog's last night, my brother and I got stuck into a fairly low standard game of table tennis. It was a three setter. Judd took the first but after I'd started to find my rhythm my natural seniority took over. Either that or he was necking his pints with greater relish. 

Such is Elisa's natural sway in family gatherings that no sooner had this epic contest concluded, than we were sat down on the sofa watching 'Pitch perfect 2'. It wasn't as awful as I would like to tell you it was, maybe I'm going all soft in my middle age!

Actually nothing could be further from the truth about me going soft not the awfulness or otherwise of 'Pitch Perfect 2'. Angelica and have had another one of those deep conversations today. Even though I'm fairly well practiced in washing my dirty laundry in public now, this will remain private. I can say that, as always, she was persuasive and has given me more to think about in respect of how I manage my thoughts and feelings. I do wish I could be calmer sometimes!

Here's her ladyship in action at Bulldog's last night with an absolutely pitiful sweeping effort. Pictures of Elisa are few and far between and nearly always have to be taken clandestinely due to her innumerable protestations. I quite like the challenge actually, though now I suppose that she's 12, I'll have to be more attuned to her personal preferences with respect to privacy and the like.

My problem at the moment is that I seem to be making mistakes at every turn. I shouldn't be doing this because of that and I shouldn't say that because of this. Sometimes I wonder whether it's ok to express any sort of fucking opinion at all. I believe this regrettably is the downside of the very open contemporary society we live in. But then I remember that I simply don't give a flying fuck and it's all ok again until the next time something opens more wounds. I fear that this fear of being outed for having an opinion must stifle a lot of younger people's creativity these days rather than help them express themselves. I'll always encourage Elisa to express herself - that's for sure. She's certainly not shaping up to be a shrinking violet!

Before the girls and I set off north back into tier two - not that that matters shit any more as yesterday's announcement supersedes everything else - we dropped in to see my auntie Jenny, who seemed in pretty fine fettle, which is encouraging to see. Angelica's been helping her to source a webcam and microphone, so that she can start joining Zoom meetings with fellow members of her lace-making and Women's Institute groups. Auntie Jenny is not particularly au fait with modern technologies but unlike some, she is at least prepared to give it a bit of a go. Speaking of the great man, I do need to return a call to the old bastard in a moment. 

I shall try to be positive in my approach with the miserable bugger but I really can't make any promises. Look at where I came from for fuck's sake!

I almost forgot, I know it's winding down, but for however long I keep up the daily blog I shall keep pointing people in the direction of the fundraiser, as I simply don't know who's reading. Have a relaxing evening folks before lockdown consumes us all. Again.  



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