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Shit the bed how did that get there? - In the name of Thiago - Day 27

Shit the bed - how did that get there? The ‘that’ in question in the title of today’s blog is the A500 – not something that you would normally expect to pop up unexpectedly but then that would be to fail to take into account my absolutely abysmal sense of direction, which I mention in Day 24’s blog ‘Logistics aaarrgghh’. It was all going so swimmingly. Your brave correspondent set off at sparrow’s fart (5.04am to be precise) with the plan to walk from my humble abode in Newcastle-under-Lyme to my workplace in Sandbach. I’d driven the route I wanted to walk the day before and though a bit hilly in places, certainly a lot more than I’d given any thought to previously, it all seemed perfectly plausible. A blissful 15 mile stroll! It was going to be mostly ‘A’ roads with a couple of estates thrown in and the road into Sandbach was closed to traffic meaning that the lack of a path for the last bit wasn’t going to be an issue. Marvellous I thought. A mile or so i

I might live to regret this - In the name of Thiago - Day 26

In the name of Thiago Before I get into the meat of what I’d planned to write about today, I firstly want to tell you about a quite beautiful and deeply moving gesture that my dear friend Paul Nunney has made. I’ve known Nuns, or Kenny Lopez as he’s probably rarely known these days, for the best part of 30 years, thanks to our association with arguably the leading social cricket club in Sussex in the 1990s; Pevensey. Together with his wonderful family – who Angelica and I have known since, well the beginning – we have a bond, which will last a lifetime. And so today I got this wonderful surprise, which is the lead picture for today’s blog. The plaque is positioned on a seat at the wonderful Hailsham Pavilion , which I urge you all to visit, as it is a magnificent place. Paul and his colleagues will always give you a warm reception and if you want to take in a film or a show while enjoying an authentic atmosphere in a building which oozes character, then you nee

What's in a name? - In the name of Thiago - Day 25

In the name of Thiago It has just occurred to me in the couple of seconds that it has taken me to write the words ‘In the name of Thiago’ again this evening that one of the things that I find most comforting about writing this blog is the simple act of writing my son’s name over and over again. Every time I write that beautiful name Thiago, it is like a little piece of therapy. Let me tell you about his name. Thiago is the Brazilian version of James and in Brazil, there is a saint called Thiago. It is with a mixture of sadness and maybe some appropriateness that our little man passed away on his saint’s day: 28 November. I love the beautiful logo that my good friend Olly Prentice designed. Olly knows me so well and he instantly – without any real input from me – knew what was needed. It’s me the Brit, Angelica the Brazilian, with the big man in the middle. Simple and beautiful. Talking of big men, my old man has been up to his old tricks today. He suffers f