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The amazing world of Elisa Gibbs - In the name of Thiago - Day 117

Ever since the schools closed, it has been a tremendous battle between myself and Elisa to get her to raise a finger. At first it was a case of sod it let’s just get through this first few days, that was the first two weeks taken care of. Then came Easter, which was another two weeks chalked off. All of a sudden it was the middle of April and we’d done virtually fuck all unless you count cello lessons, which were sporadic. And all along people kept telling me Elisa’s a smart girl, you’ve got no worries there Chris. Which is true, well the being smart bit is, I’m not so sure about the no worries element. This girl is going to give me a world of worry I’m sure of it in the future and will no doubt torment me remorselessly in the process. But she will make me proud too of that I’m quite sure. And that seems to matter an awful lot more to me since the little man died. This is a piece of creative writing Elisa worked on today. I’m not sharing it because it’s a particula

What's the point? - In the name of Thiago - Day 116

Hopefully this isn’t a question that any of us have to answer too often but with my work it’s one that I have had to ask of myself on a couple of occasions in recent times. Happily because I will be 44 in ten days’ time and don’t really worry too much about stuff especially thoroughly unimportant things on life’s register like work, I don’t fret in the way I might have done two decades ago. When I ask myself the question ‘what’s the point?’ now, I answer, because to do a job bloody well is a very satisfying feeling and that never changes. Whether you clean a toilet or run a multi-national business, the pride you take from doing a job well doesn’t leave you. I did a good job of something today because in short I am absolutely fucking exceptional at what I do. Whether that exceptional work that I did ever comes to fruition further down the line is something I have no control over. Does that bother me? Well yes it does, at times, especially writing this as som

Come on give me something - In the name of Thiago - Day 115

The title of today’s blog is not a plea for content for the blog, although that ends up being a by-product. No, it’s more a completely unrealistic request of mine aimed at our government, which will of course go unheeded. I’ll admit it, I’ve felt slightly defeated today and as I’ve said before that I can live with that, as there are good and bad days. This definitely falls into the latter category. I have a very active mind at times, so I’m always looking ahead to the next thing. I do struggle to stay in the present, something my good friend Jamie Hickey is always encouraging me to do. The yoga has improved this state of affairs but there’s still much work to do!     I want to plan helping my dad move into his new house, (we collect the keys on Thursday) have my brother visit at the end of May, plan my walk for the autumn, get back nto training for the walk, progress some of my fundraising. And of course the answer is always ‘computer says no’. But this is the same f