The long journey home - In the name of Thiago - Day 49

So after a lovely four days of being battered and bruised by the elements of a late Cornish winter, it is time to go home. I’m writing this in the morning as we won’t be home until fairly late this evening when I reckon I’ll be bushed and anyway this allows me to reflect on the many highs and lows of our trip in a more measured fashion.

First off though let me start with last night and a trip to perhaps my favourite pub, not just here in Cornwall but anywhere in the UK – the Blue Anchor. The pub is a former Monk’s Rest and has been operating as a boozer in Helston for around 600 years. With slate floors and snugs throughout, this is an absolutely magnificent little pub just waiting to be discovered. Go and discover it!
I had thought it might make a nice opportunity for Angelica and I to spend some quality time together but by the time I’d finished last night’s blog, that had changed to Angelica and Auntie Diane were staying in to hit the gin while I was being volunteered as company for…

Piddling around in Penzance - In the name of Thiago - Day 48

After I’d posted yesterday’s blog, Diane and Harry, (but mostly Diane!) very kindly insisted on treating the three of us and her son and grandsons to a lovely bit of nosebag at the Meaderie in Penzance, which is where the picture below is taken.

I can assure you that this place does not skimp on portioning. Neither does it skimp on mead, which is something you probably don’t say or write in today’s age very often. While everyone else was being responsible(ish), auntie Diane and I cracked on with the mead. It went down a treat, as did I when my head hit the pillow last night!
I deliberately allowed other people to get up before me today as I had been feeling a little awkward about being on my own in the morning and not wanting to get away before anyone else had put in an appearance. As it turned out, Angelica was up and about and fancied a morning walk – not one of my Herculean efforts admittedly but nonetheless I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at such an opportunity.
We probably did abo…

Rainy walks and hearty lunches - In the name of Thiago - Day 47

Well I’m feeling a lot better after yesterday’s emotional dip. Sometimes you’ve just got to force yourself to keep going so I’m proud of myself for having done that today as I felt lousy as shit this morning.
While feeling like crap, I was also aware of the fact that I needed to keep moving. So after a lateish start despite being the first up, I trundled off towards Gunwalloe, known to some people for being home to the church featured in the more recent series of Poldark.
And as befits a walking day for me, it was throwing it down again. Armed with my new fancy dan Berghaus raincoat and swimshorts combo, I felt like nothing could stop me. But I had reckoned without the Halzephron Inn, (more of that later).
My first port of call was the viewing station at Culdrose. Not a single sodding aircraft landed or took off while I was there so readers I am afraid that I have failed you as I can’t be arsed to head all the way back up there for a third time tomorrow. You’ll just have to settle for t…